10 Social Apps Every Teen Should Have
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Jan 10 2015
10 Social Apps Every Teen Should Have

If you’re looking for more smartphone apps to pass away the hours, this list is for you. After all, it’s not all about Facebook anymore. There are tons of free social network apps out there now that let you socialize while you’re having fun. Here are some of our favorites:

Facebook – Keep up to date with your friends using the app from this social media giant. Send private messages, update your profile, and join some groups. However, their terms of use have recently changed, so you may want to read that through before signing up.

Twitter – Say it all in 140 characters or less and get the message across to your friends. You can follow other people, celebrities, or businesses. If someone is annoying you, just Unfollow or Mute them so their tweets don’t show up in your feed anymore.

Tumblr – Create your own tumblelog or follow someone else’s. Through reblogging, much like retweeting, you’ll be able to find and share photos, videos, and anything else you find interesting. Just remember, unless your privacy settings are set up, people can reblog everything you post too.

Photobucket – If storage is an issue, upload your pictures to Photobucket. You can upload, edit, and share your photos, and visit other people’s galleries. Then, instead of uploading an image to a webpage, blog, or forum, you can just put in the URL of your Photobucket image and reduce your load time.

Pinterest – This highly visually app lets you collect and share pictures that interest you and pin them to a virtual board, much like a bulletin board. It’s a great way to keep track of things you see online that you know you’ll want to come back to later. Follow your friends to see what sorts of things interest them, and repin when you find something you like.

Instagram – Share the important things in your life with photos. You can view, share, and comment on pictures when you follow your friends or your favorite celebrities. Just remember that your pictures are public by default, so change your privacy settings if you don’t want people who aren’t following you to see what you post.

PhotoSquare – This photo editing app works with Instagram to turn your pictures into squares. By resizing your photo into a square, you’re not cropping and blocking out people’s foreheads. If you’re feeling artistic, you can even add borders to your pictures.

Wattpad – Read stories written by other users, or write a few of your own. People can comment, like, and vote on stories. You can also send private messages if you don’t want to make your conversation public.

PicsArt – This photo editor works like Instagram. But, there’s a lot more editing options to make your photos shine, and a drawing tool. You can even make collages or fake tattoos if you’re feeling adventurous.

Ask.FM – Ask your friend’s questions, or answer a few on this fun app. You can also ask questions anonymously if you don’t want other people to know who you are. You might get a few nasty questions, so either have thick skin or be prepared to delete them.

Want something to keep you busy? Try one or all of these social networking apps, if you haven’t already, to build your circle of online friends.

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SEWFGF  - My pussy here now https://goo.gl/elCuQI - Mar 4 2017 - Like
SEWFGF  - My pussy here now https://goo.gl/elCuQI - Mar 4 2017 - Like
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