10 Things All Teenagers Are Tired of Hearing Adults Say
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Nov 26 2014
10 Things All Teenagers Are Tired of Hearing Adults Say

Sometimes when adults talk, they say things that make you want to bang your head against a wall. It’s the same old thing over and over again. Yet, someday we’ll all probably say them to our own kids. Here’s our top 10 list of things that all teenagers are tired of hearing adults say, and what goes through our heads when we hear them.

1. Back When I Was a Teenager

When you were a teenager things were a lot different than they are now. Anything you have to offer is sort of irrelevant in the current day and age. We have Xbox’s, computers, and cellphones, and you had what, Pong?

2. Why Don’t You Live In the Real World

The real world…excuse me. I do live in the real world. Technology is the present and the future. You might not like Facebook or my cellphone, but by playing games and texting, I’m keeping myself relevant in a changing globosphere.

3. It’s Not the End of the World

Regardless of what circumstance they say this in, they just don’t get it. It is the end of the world as I currently know it. The situation is destroying some part of my life, and I’m upset. I hate it when they try to trivialize it by making it seem meaningless in the grand scope of my life.

4. I Wish I Was Your Age and Had No Worries Like Work and Bills

Yeah, have fun with that. I’m dealing with my best friends stabbing me in the back, worrying about whether my boyfriend is going to break up with me, and wondering how I’m going to pass my science final when I haven’t cracked a book all semester.

5. You’ll Thank Me When You’re Older

Well chances are I won’t remember when I’m older. I wish they’d just let me live my life for now and teach me the lesson later when I’ll remember it and thank them for it properly. I know they’re only doing their job, but telling me I’ll thank them years from now is a bit much.

6. I Know Exactly How You Feel

No, you don’t. How dare you assume you know everything about me. There are things about me that I’ve never told you. No one can ever possibly know exactly how another person feels. I wish they would just listen to me when I talk instead of assuming they know everything.

7. I Don’t Know What the World is Coming to With Your Generation

I don’t like being told that my generation this or my generation that. You know what, it’s not my generation, it’s the world. The entire world has changed over the past few decades. Anything that’s going on has nothing to do with any particular generation. It’s the economic and political climate.

8. You Spend Too Much Time Playing Video Games

When I’m playing video games I’m developing important skills that will help me in the future. Not only is my hand-eye coordination getting stronger, but I’m also learning how to prioritize and make decisions. It might not make sense to them, but it does to me.

9. Calm Down

When I’m upset, I need to vent. When they’re ranting, I don’t tell them to calm down. I think I have a right to get whatever is bothering me out of my system and off my chest, just like they do. I’m only human.

10. I Need to Talk to You

I cringe every time I hear this because I know that whatever is coming next isn’t good. They might as well just send me to my room, because I would far rather just walk there than hear what they have to say next.

What are some of the things that you’re tired of hearing adults say? What do you think of when you hear them?

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dat_man_eli  - dang i hate when they say that i understand bs he11 nah u dont understand - Dec 23 2018 - Like
Dove-  - "You'll understand life when you're older." I hate when they say that - Sep 16 2017 - Like
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KainizzleXOX  - always where a condom..yeah right and how did I get here? - Feb 23 2017 - Like
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