10 Things Every Teenage Girl Should Know
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By Kevin Michel/Posted: Jan 17 2015
10 Things Every Teenage Girl Should Know

There are things that I’ve learned about being teenager both from being a teenager and from reading on the Internet. If I could pass on what I’ve learned to other teenage girls, these are the 10 things I would want them all to know.

Respect Your Body – If you don’t respect it, nobody else will either. Running around sleeping with boys or doing favors for popularity might seem like a good idea now, but you’ll regret it now. Respect yourself more than that.

Drama Brings on More Drama – Don’t say you hate drama and then post drama all over Facebook. The people who say they hate it the most are always the people who start it. Even when you don’t mention the person’s the name, everyone knows who it is.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day of Your Life – The sun causes 90% of all wrinkles. All of that means nothing to you now, but it will in just a few years. You can prevent many of them from forming later by making sunscreen a part of your daily skin care routine now, even in the winter.

Never Start Smoking – Smoking causes 5% of all wrinkles. If you do smoke, quit now. When you’re in your 40’s you’ll be glad you did. Having a wrinkled up upper lip isn’t worth the seven minutes of puffing away.

Smile Every Day – Frowning and facial expressions cause the other 5% of wrinkles. Find a reason to smile every day and keep those frowns away. You might think this conversation is premature, but seriously, it’s the things you do now that affect your skin later.

Don’t Play Dumb – Never play dumb just to get a boy. Any boy worth your attention will love you the way you are. You don’t want to be the girl with the high IQ that nobody takes seriously. Be who you are because that’s who matters.

You are Perfect – You are perfect just the way you are. Don’t even try to look like the girls in the magazines. That’s an idealization that nobody can reach. The photos of the models are retouched and airbrushed to reach that level of perfection. Real women don’t look like that.

Don’t Believe the Hype – Don’t buy into makeup ads in magazines or on TV. Read reviews of every makeup product before you buy it. In most mascara ads the models are even wearing false eyelashes to make their lashes appear more lush and full. Research before you buy to make sure you spend your money wisely.

Don’t Dress Trampy – You can be sexy without dressing like a tramp. When you wear a top with a neckline cut down to your belly button or a skirt or shorts that leaves your butt hanging out, you’ll attract boys alright. But, they’ll be the ones that just want to use you for your body. Have more respect for yourself than that.

Use Birth Control – If you’re going to have sex, use birth control. You might think that having a cute little baby to love you would be a wonderful thing. But, the best thing you can do for yourself and your future children is to finish school and get a career. Worry about that first, and worry about children later.

We’ve all got a list of things that we’d like to tell other people. Maybe it’s that gossip always results in more gossip, or that dating friend’s ex-boyfriends destroys friendships. Maybe your advice is something you wish you could tell your younger self, or maybe it’s something you really want to say to your best friend, but you just haven’t got the courage up to say to her yet.

What’s on your list of things that you think every teenage girl should know?

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Jozzy*  - i agree with this. you should respect your body and dress like a hooker - Nov 20 2020 - Like
lacey6320  - i disagree the best way to get a guy is by ignoring them it draws them closer to you - Jul 30 2020 - Like
lacey6320  - nice! - Jul 30 2020 - Like
jconr21  - the best way to get a cute guy is dress in something you think they'll like, do your makeup like an anime girl, dye your hair, get a beanie, and finally be open and be yourself don't try to hard it will embarrass you and him. just a subjection! - Jan 1 2020 - Like
Monica ERB  - Think before you get into a relationship - Feb 27 2019 - Like
bree11  - He is so cute and hot - Jan 14 2018 - Like
bree11  - I have a boyfriend living in Lake Geneva,Wisconsin - Jan 14 2018 - Like
bree11  - I always wanted to have sex with a boy!!! - Jan 14 2018 - Like
Dove-  - Some of this is bullshit some of isn't... - Sep 16 2017 - Like
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