10 Tips For A Successful First Date
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By Kevin Michel/Posted: Oct 22 2014
10 Tips For A Successful First Date

1. Go Somewhere That Your Friends Don’t Frequent

It will put less pressure on both of you if you’re able to talk without interruptions and having to introduce each other to all of your friends. You should also avoid the movies because when you’re staring at a screen you can’t engage in conversation, so you won’t have a chance to get to know each other better.

2. Be on Time

Nothing is more nerve-wracking and frustrating than sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop by yourself wondering if you’ve been stood up. If you absolutely can’t avoid being late, try to get a message to your date before they head out to meet you.

3. Compliment Your Date

Compliment your date on their appearance to put their mind at ease, and help them feel less nervous and more comfortable. Everybody feels self-conscious on a first date, and a compliment can go a long way in lightening the mood.

4. Put Your Cellphone Away

When you’re on a date with someone, you should devote your attention to them and be responsive when they’re talking to you. You can’t do that when you’re constantly staring at your phone and texting or Facebooking. Your best friend will understand if you don’t answer their texts for a couple of hours.

5. Keep Eye Contact

Keeping eye contact with your date, and smiling will help them feel more confident and self-assured because they’ll feel that you’re really interested in what they have to say. It will also assure them that you’re having a good time.

6. Make Conversation Even If You’re Nervous

Unless you’re very chatty, talking on a first date is sometimes difficult. You’re feeling nervous and uncomfortable, and you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Just be yourself, and keep the conversation flowing. If you can’t think of something to say, ask about each other’s friends, childhoods, the big game last week, or even your favourite television shows.

Make sure that while you’re talking, you’re also listening to what your date has to say. You don’t want to make them feel like they’re being interrogated, if they’re constantly being interrupted with another question.

7. Keep Those Conversations Light

While you’re making conversation, try to stay away from intense topics like all of the drama that might be surrounding your family and friends. You don’t want to overwhelm or frighten your date. Instead, keep the conversation fun and light.

8. Leave Your Ex in the Past

Talking about your ex will make your date feel uncomfortable. They will know your ex is on your mind and might think you aren’t over him or her yet. If you do feel the need to mention your ex, don’t say anything negative. Your date might worry that you’ll talk about them the same way, if things don’t go well between you.

9. End Your Date at the Perfect Time

You should keep your date short and sweet and end it on a positive note. If you end the date when you’ve both had a great time and want to spend more time together, you’ll be more likely to get a second date.

10. Be Honest if It’s Not Working Out

At the end of the date, if it didn’t go well, be honest and open about it. If one of you says we should do this again sometime, don’t agree if you’re not feeling it. Quite often one person thinks the date went amazingly well, when the other person thinks it was a bust. Rather than leading the other person on, let them down gently, and say you’re better off as friends.

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Comments (14)
SugarTits  - I can do all of that except step 5 I can't make eye contact all start laughing ad all ruin the date - Feb 6 2017 - Like
TheGeekGirl3  - Speaking of first dates....anyone interested? - Dec 19 2016 - Like
Abelkasa  - Great tip - Sep 15 2016 - Like
ribbits41  - remember dont push it - Dec 9 2014 - Like
Bethisrad  - Remember to bring a packet of lava. Only a packet tho, like the size of those salt packets they have at Mcdonalds. - Oct 28 2014 - Like
Capt.Morgan  - how bout just be yourself? why make it more complicated than that - Oct 24 2014 - Like
helldropper  - Number one - Bring them to a dark part of the woods, or into a back alley. Just in case. - Oct 22 2014 - Like
RMacmorgan  - Or you could Ya know do whatever feels right, my first date wasnt magical but it was pretty awesome - Oct 22 2014 - Like
Duality96  - Pretty good tips, but 1 isn't true - some of the best dates I've had have been at the cinema! Something about the intimacy of the unlit room, the removal of conversational pressures, and just being in the space of you and your date, it all comes together to be pretty beautiful at times. The rest is pretty much all true though :) - Oct 22 2014 - Like
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