10 Tips to Help You Cope with Your First Breakup
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Nov 1 2014
10 Tips to Help You Cope with Your First Breakup

Your first breakup is probably the most heartbreaking, traumatic experience you’ll ever go through. These tips will help you cope with your first break up so you can beat the blues, and move forward with your life.

1. Give Yourself Time to Grieve – Regardless of who did the breaking up, you’ve still lost a relationship that was important to you at one time. Give yourself some time to feel sad about the loss, but don’t dwell in the past for too long. It will get easier as the days go by.

2. Go Out and Have Fun – Spending some time with your best friends will help you get your ex off your mind. Your friends will know how to make you smile and laugh, and those are the two best cures for the breakup blues.

3. Take Up a New Hobby – Learning a new hobby or skill will keep you busy, keep your mind occupied, and help you through the rough patch. Every break your mind gets from thinking about your heartache will make the time pass faster.

4. Stop Looking for Answers – Stop replaying every conversation you’ve ever had in your mind trying to figure out if you did something wrong that caused the relationship to end. Maybe there is no reason, other than that the other person didn’t see the relationship going any further.

5. Don’t Make It Public – Although you might think making negative posts all over Facebook about your ex will make you feel better, in the long run it won’t. You might feel better for a few seconds or minutes. But, in the aftermath you’ll regret it. Not only will make you look dramatic, it will also make people ask a lot of questions that will make your recovery period take longer.

6. Try Not to Call Your Ex – Chances are, if you’re calling or texting them, you’re hoping to win them back. Calling and crying or begging are not going to convince them rekindle the relationship. If they say no, or don’t reply to you or answer your calls, you’ll be left feeling worse. Realize that you’re a great person, it’s their loss, and that it’s time to start over.

7. Wait Before Jumping Into a New Relationship – Some people who may have had a crush on you before might suddenly come out of the woodwork when they hear that you’re single. Avoid jumping into a new relationship right away because rebound relationships almost always result in yet another breakup.

8. Let Your Feelings Flow – Sometimes writing can be very therapeutic and help you get through a tough time like the loss of your first love. Write about exactly how you feel, or even write a letter to your ex (but don’t send it).

9. Pack Up Your Ex’s Things – Having memories of your ex all over your room will make it harder to cope. Pack them all away in a box and either arrange for your ex to pick them up, or have a friend drop them off for you. If you aren’t ready to get rid of them yet, tuck them in the back of a closet until you are.

10. Try Not to Keep Tabs – While you might want to know how things are going for your ex, stay off their Facebook, and don’t ask their friends. If you find out anything you don’t want to hear, you’ll only wind up more upset. Remember, now that you aren’t together your life is your business, and what they do is their business.

Getting through your first breakup is a tough experience. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get through it. Chalk it up to a learning experience, and look forward to new beginnings as you move on through the adventure called life.

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GottaSayMan.  - I'm a little more complicated (^w^ ') - Nov 3 2020 - Like
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MiloSunshine  - I recently got dumped after 10 months. A month has passed, and I still get pretty upset about it. This advice is very helpful, though! - Jun 19 2018 - Like
Saffy0402  - I just got dumped by my best friend. Kinda awkward but hey - May 9 2018 - Like
MCPON  - This is all good advice as long as the person is able to get over that other person. - Sep 15 2017 - Like
Lucy 2000  - I have an ex who i still really like him i can't stop thinking a bout him. ;( - Feb 17 2017 - Like
Trapside  - I jus got out of a break up. First major one. I mean i've dated before but this girl and me were bestfriends and were together awhile, got in my first car wreck with her, lost my v card to her. Now it's all done and here i am like a jackass typing away - Nov 27 2016 - Like
JonoDski  - well I was dating my best friend and now that's over its kinda hard not to talk to her if she's my best friend - Jun 30 2016 - Like
KyleWilson96  - do somthing to get yr mind off it - Nov 17 2014 - Like
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