12 Signs You’re a Psychopath
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Feb 24 2014
12 Signs You’re a Psychopath

When people hear the word psychopath, they automatically think serial killer. However, most psychopaths are not serial killers. They are simply people with personality disorders, who don’t feel emotions the way other people do. Have you ever wondered if you have psychopathic tendencies? Hereare 12 signs that you might.

1.You Are Very Charming and Charismatic – You have a magnetic personality and are the person that everyone clings to. Wherever you go, you draw people in. 
2.You Suffer from Grandiose Delusions – You’re a legend in your own mind. In your opinion you’re the best at everything, and may even believe that you are better known or well-recognized than you are. 
3.You Get Bored Easily – You have to constantly be on the go with something exciting to do. Sitting still is not your thing. 
4.You Lie Constantly – You rarely ever tell the truth. If you can lie to get out of a situation, you will. If you can lie for no reason, you will. 
5.You Are Manipulative – You love being the one in control and being able to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do. You don’t care who you use, as long as it works to your benefit. 
6.You Never Feel Sorry or Guilty – You are incapable of feeling guilt or remorse for anything that you do. If someone gets hurt, you just shrug your shoulders and move on. 
7.You Are Incapable of Feeling Empathy – You can’t feel sorry for other people because it’s impossible for you to put yourself in their shoes. 
8.You Prey on Vulnerable People – You look for weak and vulnerable people to manipulate because they aren’t strong enough to see through you. 
9.You’re Irresponsible – You act on impulse and rarely think anything through. As a result, you are always getting yourself into trouble, and may have had problems with the law. 
10.You Don’t Accept Responsibility for Your Own Actions – You never accept any of the blame for the things you do wrong. Instead, you always blame everyone else. 
11.You Don’t Follow the Rules – No matter where you are, you never follow the rules. You either don’t believe in rules, or you simply don’t think they should apply to you. 
12.You Never Follow Through – You are very unreliable. You always promise your friends that you will be somewhere or help them with something, and then you don’t follow through with your promises. 
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Comments (114)
vestronvideo  - sign 13: you have "I'm not crazy, i swear! XD" written somewhere on your profile (lmao but seriously these are signs of sociopathy not being a psycopath - Aug 28 2017 - Like
asunaxkirito  - actually 9 - Aug 4 2017 - Like
asunaxkirito  - i got like 7 of them on me - Aug 4 2017 - Like
trnizad12345  - btw a lot of these are just signs of being a sociopath (its less serious a ot of people have it) - Jul 20 2017 - Like
trnizad12345  - i started reading this saw "charming and charismatic" as a sign and realized i could not be a phycopath ever - Jul 20 2017 - Like
325Gerbils  - All me. WTF - Jun 27 2017 - Like
Leribag  - whats up with the thumbnail? it doesnt mean they are nuts! it just means that they dont have a sertian emtion someone els has. studies show that sociopaths and psychopaths are more ofthen the victim then the one doing the dirty work, so to speak - Jun 3 2017 - Like
TheoTwenty8  - Day 1: How do you tell a guy you like him? Day 2: 12 signs you're a psychopath. Day 3: 12 Things all high schoolers miss when they're in college. WTF is your blog theme?!? - May 13 2017 - Like
mell0wwaters  - gypsy shut the fuck up. no one gives a shit. i've been diagnosed as a psychopath in the GHS. go cry somewhere else - May 11 2017 - Like
sladetheanon  - I am diagnosed as this except.. OH YOU MEAN SOCIOPATH - Apr 28 2017 - Like
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