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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Feb 21 2014
12 Things All High Schoolers Miss When They’re in College

If you can’t wait to ditch high school and leave those hallowed hallways behind forever, you’re probably going to miss it. While college offers a lot more freedom, before long you will be yearning for the comforts and structure of high school. Here are the top 12 things that all high school students miss when they’re in college.

1.Having Their Parents to Wake Them Up – Although your parents were the perfect alarm clock in high school, you will be waking yourself up every day in college. 
2.Seeing Their Friends Every Day – After high school, your friends will go off in different directions and you won’t get to see them as often. 
3.Taking Days Off – You can’t just stay home when you feel like it in college. Trying to catch up on even one lesson is extremely difficult, if not impossible. 
4.Not Having Bills – Once you’re in college you will have to pay for your own groceries, rent, and other expenses. 
5.Not Having Much Homework – There is homework in high school, but it is relatively nothing compared to college. The professors expect you to do a lot of work on your own time. 
6.Being Silly During Class – When you’re in college, the professors expect you to act maturely, and the other students don’t appreciate the distraction either. 
7.Not Needing to Work – In high school you work because you want to for extra money. In college you work because you have to, to pay your bills. 
8.Having a Locker – When you’re in high school you take your locker for granted, but once you get to college and carry textbooks from class to class you will wish you had one. 
9.Knowing Their Teachers – In high school the classes are smaller. The teachers know you by name and recognize you in the hallways. 
10.You Don’t Accept Going to Proms – Getting dressed up in formal wear and going to the prom was great in high school, but you won’t have a prom in college. 
11.Hanging out in the Cafeteria – Even though the food is terrible, the best conversations are had around a high school cafeteria table. You won’t get that in college. 
12.Texting in Class – While texting or Facebooking in class might have been easy in high school, if you try it in college you will miss out on important parts of a lecture. 
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Comments (37)
YourPoint..?  - I'm sick lol The comment below go me dead asf - Jun 8 2017 - Like
profileno6  - They obviously don't miss wearing winter hats indoors. - Nov 10 2016 - Like
oscar-2  - I'm so glad I don't live in the phucked up education system of the US. - Oct 14 2016 - Like
chikazombie  - I'll cross that bridge when i get there. - Sep 23 2014 - Like
KodyKarls  - I'm gonna miss Homeworkslave.com - Sep 19 2014 - Like
straymisty  - Nah - Jul 31 2014 - Like
Dannikinz  - Dude... all this is so true. I can't believe I have 3 more weeks til' move-in day. - Jul 28 2014 - Like
Miralra  - Nothing! - Jul 20 2014 - Like
Duality96  - I don't want to be "that goody guy" but shouldn't 6 be applicable everywhere. I'm pretty sure my 12yr old self would not appreciate stopping a class on (*insert interesting class topic here*) just to stop Jimminy 'Cocky' Cricket throwing paper planes at the professor in the exact same way my current self would... - Mar 28 2014 - Like
Azord  - i can personally guarantee numbers 1,2,3,5,8,11, and 12 are completely unfounded. i would definitely prefer college over high school - Mar 12 2014 - Like
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