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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Mar 14 2014
13 Early Signs of an Abusive or Controlling Relationship

Teens find themselves in controlling or abusive relationships all the time, but often don’t see the early warning signs until it’s too late. Don’t stay in a controlling or abusive relationship thinking that you can fix the other person. If you think your partner exhibits any of these warning signs and is abusive or controlling, you should tell someone and get help.

1.They Treat Their Parents Badly – During the early stages of a relationship they will be on their best behavior, but how they treat their parents is a sure sign of how they will treat you later. 
2.They Are Rude to You – They always disrespect you and put you down. They might even call you names, and say things that they know will hurt you. They know your weak points, and they use them. 
3.They Are Possessive – Your partner wants control over where you go and who you talk to. They even call you all the time, and show up unexpectedly to make sure you’re where you said you’d be. 
4.They Only Care about Themselves – They don’t care what you have to say and will always direct every conversation back to themselves. They may even tell you that they have no interest in what you’re talking about. 
5.They Never Accept Responsibility – No matter what happens, nothing is ever their fault. Your partner will make all kinds of excuses and put the blame on everyone else for anything that goes wrong. 
6.They Are Intimidating – When they are angry at you, they might yell, point a finger, or raise a fist. They might even hit walls or throw things. These are all signs that abuse is not far behind. 
7.They Break Your Things – When your partner is upset with you they might break your things in order to punish you, especially things you love. 
8.Everything Has to Go Their Way – If you want to do something and they don’t agree, an abusive or controlling person will argue and sulk until you give in. 
9.Road Rage – They have road rage and get angry at other drivers on the road. Your partner might also start driving erratically or recklessly when they are angry with you. 
10.They Prevent You from Spending Time with Your Family – Your partner may have concerns that your family will notice that something is off, and will make it difficult for you to spend time with them. 
11.They Start Isolating You from Your Friends – They want you to spend all of your time with them, so they can have you all to themselves. Once your friends are out of the way, they will have more control over you. 
12.Drastic Mood Swings – If your partner loves you one minute, and is angered the next, it’s a clear indication that they don’t have any control over their emotions or temper. 
13.False Threats of Suicide – Whenever you’ve had enough and say you want to leave or break up, they might threaten to commit suicide as a control tactic to make you stay. 
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Comments (38)
Locke87644  - i don't get along with my mom because she's a terrible person. doesn't make me abusive. - Sep 12 2017 - Like
AmbryaNyx  - And this, ladies and gents, is why I was trained in Martial Arts. - May 19 2017 - Like
Adriana1089  - u know its easier said than done... i should know im in an absive relationship and when i finally say ive had enough he threatens to hurt himself and the people i love. so yea easier said then done - Mar 11 2017 - Like
Tinymonkkey  - all of these symptoms, but still be controlling in some way ** - Jan 2 2017 - Like
Tinymonkkey  - Nothing's really black and white when it comes to signs and symptoms, or anything. He or She could seem perfect, avoiding a - Jan 2 2017 - Like
UsernameHere  - Ok if some ahole threatens to kill him self to make you stay... just leave, that ahile doesn't need to live - Nov 27 2016 - Like
Brittney G.  - I remember my abbusive relationship it took 2 years for me to get away from it all tht shit bring bck bad memories - Sep 19 2016 - Like
ProfileNo5  - I think my dog and I are in an abusive relationship. He exhibits 7 of these warning signs. - Sep 13 2016 - Like
ElvishAngel  - I thought I was. I am/was wrong. Thanks for the clarifacation Cody. - Apr 3 2014 - Like
DorkFreedom  - my last relationship, we were going down this road, i was very close to crying when i had to break up with her.. - Apr 1 2014 - Like
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