14 Sad Truths about Growing Up
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Feb 28 2014
14 Sad Truths about Growing Up

You might be excited about growing up and becoming an adult. However, there are some sad things about growing up too. Believe it or not, your teenage years are the best years of your life. Here are some of the sad truths about growing up and entering into the wonderful world of adulthood and the freedom it brings.

1.You Can’t Sleep In – Sleeping all day is fun when you’re a teenager, but impossible when you’re looking after kids or trying to hold down a job. 
2.You Won’t Have as Much Free Time – You can’t play video games or watch television all day when you’re juggling a family and a career. 
3.You Can’t Do Whatever You Want – You can’t make plans on the spur of the moment when you’ve got responsibilities. 
4.You Won’t See Your friends as Often – As you get older your friends will move away and you won’t see each other as often. 
5.You Won’t See Your Family as Often – As you get busy with your own family, you won’t see your parents and your siblings as often. 
6.Your Metabolism Will Catch up with You - The fast food that you once enjoyed will not only cause weight gain, it will cause health problems. 
7.It’s Harder to Make Plans with Friends – As adults, you will have to work around each other’s schedules and families. 
8.You Can’t Rely on Other People – You will have to accept responsibility for yourself, and get yourself up for work and wherever you need to go. 
9.You Won’t like the Same TV Shows – As you get older you will start enjoying the shows you once thought were boring. 
10.No More Trick or Treating – If you loved Halloween, the days of going out and collecting candy are over, although you can still dress up to hand it out. 
11.Christmas Won’t Have the Same Magic – Once you realize the true cost of Christmas, some of the magic of the pile of the presents around the tree is lost. 
12.You Can’t Throw Money Around Anymore – Once you have bills to pay, you can’t buy whatever you want whenever you want it. 
13.You Will Need a Job – You will you need a job in order to pay your bills and support your family. 
14.You Will Never Know Everything – You will realize that no matter how old you get, you will always have a lot to learn. 
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Comments (40)
I<3METAL  - Only in america - Feb 19 2017 - Like
Secondsignal  - WOw just get to the part 15, forget about evryting cuz eny day you can die :D - Nov 29 2016 - Like
Spiwizzle  - My dad has been going Trick or treating all his life, and he's 45 now, why do you have to stop when you get older? - Nov 24 2016 - Like
SpacePioneer  - Okay lets break the Halloween thing down. Do it for the candy? Buy sone at fucking walmart. Do ot for the dressing up as something? Try cosplaying. (Which you can do more than one day of the year, too!) Sure, you can't have them together, but who cares? - Nov 17 2016 - Like
Ishyyy  - i'm just 12 and I already don't get time to sleep or play or watch TV or anything so yeah... - Oct 16 2016 - Like
Melloluk  - 1. You forgot school. 2. You forgot school. 3. You forgot school, again. And also, who says you have to have a family, and some boring ass 9 to 5 job? 4. Then make new friends. 5. You just spent the majority of your life so far with your family. Maybe you want to get away? 6. Yeah, that's already happened. Beat you to it. 7. You have to do the same things now. 8. Okay. Fair. 9. Maybe watch a new TV show you enjoy? Who's making this list anyway? 10. Who says? Fuck, I'm going trick or treating as fucking Batman whether I'm 12 or 79. 11. Same thing as 10. 12. This just wreaks of stupidity. How much money do you actually have to spend, without a steady job? You have more money, and more things to do with it when you have a steady job. 13. Better than going to school and not getting paid for it. 14. Great thing about life, right? - Sep 27 2016 - Like
TheGoodGuy01  - Bullshit - Sep 15 2016 - Like
oscar-  - The last one isn't sad, it is great, we will always need to learn, to be better, as a person and humanity as a whole. The universe is there. We exist to learn about it. The meaning of life is to learn, I believe. - Aug 26 2016 - Like
Bernee  - I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to my childhood before I was pushed to be an adult and all people expect me to act like one...That's the ugly truth. - Oct 13 2014 - Like
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