14 Secrets Every Girl Should Know about Guys
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Oct 9 2014
14 Secrets Every Girl Should Know about Guys

1. †We wear our hearts on our sleeve and say what we mean. We donít beat around the bush the way girls sometimes do. We wonít say weíre crazy about you unless we really mean it. So if we say that about you, treat our hearts carefully.

2. †When you ask us what weíre thinking about and we say, "Nothing," donít keep prying or ponder for hours trying to figure out what we were really thinking about. We literally were thinking about absolutely nothing.

3. †Donít analyze everything we do and say. If you constantly analyze youíll see the good, but ultimately youíll come to the bad that isnít there. There are no hidden meanings or conspiracy theories. We wouldnít spend time with you if we didnít genuinely care about you.

5. †Donít compare us to your ex. He might have made some mistakes, but weíre not all like him, and we shouldnít have to pay for the things he did or didnít do. Living in your exís shadow all the time makes us feel insecure because we know heís on your mind.

6. †We donít care whether youíre all dolled up or wearing sweats and no makeup. We like you for you. You donít have to wear fancy high heels to impress us. Just be yourself and laugh a lot. We love girls with a beautiful smile and a great personality.

7. †We like it if you can get along with our friends, but if you canít itís not a deal breaker. Just donít talk badly about them around us. Remember, they are our buddies for a reason, and theyíll be with us, even if we break up.

8. †We love it when you make us feel like superman. When we fix your car or your bike, or lift something heavy for you, tell us you donít think thereís anything we canít do. Youíll make us feel like weíre your hero.

9. †If we donít text you back right away it doesnít mean we donít care. It just means one of our buddies dropped by or we got busy doing guy stuff. We donít like to appear all mushy in front of our friends.

10. †If we take you out for dinner, we prefer it if you actually eat. There is nothing more awkward than sitting in a restaurant watching a girl pick at her food. If we like you enough to spend our money on you, eat your meal.

11. †We know you care a lot about us, but donít call us 15 times a day. We need some time to ourselves and to do the things we want to do. We wonít forget about you if we donít talk to you for 20 minutes. Youíll still be on our minds.

12. †When we set a time to meet somewhere, understand that thatís what time weíre going to try to make it there, and donít hold us down to the actual second. When we say weíll meet you around a certain time, thatís what we mean, weíll meet you around that time.

13. †We like to feel needed, but we canít stand it when we feel smothered. We want you to be independent and have interests of your own. If you start to seem needy and clingy, weíll probably start to rethink the relationship.

14. †Donít try to make our friends into your friends. We appreciate it when you make an effort to be nice to our friends, but we donít want you to develop your own friendship with them. Itís best if my friends are my friends, and your friends are your friends.

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Comments (90)
knxim_99  - true - Sep 12 2017 - Like
Leomeadows  - everything is so true - Aug 24 2017 - Like
MatthewH10  - True - Aug 8 2017 - Like
CaramelMocha  - Number 5 doesn't comply to me since in never been in a relationship before, but everything else seems true. - Jul 24 2017 - Like
Savage_halo  - It seems real - Jul 6 2017 - Like
josephexeat   - i think is true but am not really sure - Jun 16 2017 - Like
josephexeat   - i think is true but am not really sure - Jun 16 2017 - Like
DominatPanda  - I feel like fourteen is pretty true myself. - Apr 27 2017 - Like
SpacePioneer  - I can confirm 2 3 and 9 but 1 and 14 aren't always true.... - Apr 10 2017 - Like
jamesymacka  - another good one: "don't act all mushy and go on about love and shit, most guys hate that kind of thing" - Feb 13 2017 - Like
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