14 Secrets Every Guy Should Know about Girls
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Oct 9 2014
14 Secrets Every Guy Should Know about Girls

1. Even if we say we’re not into romantic gestures, we are. We might say we’re more into books than flowers, but if you give us flowers, we’ll remember it forever. If you say something sweet, we’ll never forget it.

2. We always tell our besties everything. You can rest assured that they're going to know everything you tell us. We also tell them all about our dates and romantic encounters. You’ll be a huge part of all of our conversations, so make sure all of our stories are good ones.

3. We love it when our special guy gives us a nickname. But, don’t make it something corny like Babycakes. Give us a meaningful nickname that’s special just between the two of us.

4. We get jealous. Although we’ll constantly deny it, it’s true. It’s okay that you have friends who are girls and we understand that, but just grab us by the waist and pull us closer when you’re talking to them. It will remind us just how special we are to you.

5. We have a tendency to spy on our ex’s through social media. We don’t want to get back with them or anything like that. We just want to see what they’re doing, and how much worse off they are without us.

6. When there are awkward silences, we will say anything to fill in the blanks. If we start babbling really fast about absolutely nothing, help us along by filling in the conversation or leaning over and kissing us.

7. If you ask us out, chances are we’ll say yes. Even if we hadn’t thought of dating you before, we’ll often accept a first date to get to know you better. You never know when you might make a love connection.

8. If you send us a lot of texts in the first few days of dating it’s cute and adorable. After that, it becomes annoying and we start to feel smothered. Try not to text 15 times a day, and stop when our texts become short or we stop replying.

9. If you call us and get the answering machine, we’ll save the message and play it over and over again, just to hear your voice. It sounds silly, but it’s very comforting when we’re alone or waiting for you to call.

10. We do sit by the phone waiting for it to ring. Even if we say we don’t, we do. If you don’t call we’ll over analyze everything we said and did the last time we talked to you to try to figure out what we might have done wrong.

11. We stalk your Facebook to see who you’re talking to, who is commenting on your posts, and who you’re adding to your friends list. It’s not that we’re insecure, it’s just that we want to see if there’s anyone else vying for your attention.

12. We love compliments. While you might think we’re gorgeous, we’re still very self-conscious. Build up our self-esteem and make us feel good every day by telling us how pretty we are. A compliment can go a long way.

13. Most of us don’t really care about cars, your favorite team, or other guy things. We pretend we do because we want to share your interests. Return the favor by taking us shopping or renting a chick flick for us to watch together.

14. It’s really important that you get along with our friends. We might say that it doesn’t matter if they like you or not, but it does. If we’re constantly hearing all of your bad points when we’re hanging out with them, eventually the relationship will fizzle out.

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