Help! My Boyfriends Friends All Hate Me
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Mar 12 2014
Help! My Boyfriends Friends All Hate Me

Youíve got the best boyfriend in the world, but his friends donít like you. Fortunately, if your boyfriend really cares about you, heís not going to let his friendsí opinions influence his. However, there are some things you can do to win his friends over and make everyoneís lives easier.

Do They Really Hate You?

Before you resolve yourself to the fact that your boyfriendís friends hate you, you need to figure out if itís true or if itís just your imagination. If you really think they hate you, have a talk with your boyfriend. Itís possible that his friends are like that with everyone, and if you talk to him about it, it will give you the reassurance that you need. If he tells you that his friends really donít like you, donít get upset and donít ask him to choose.

Has He Been Talking?

Sometimes guys talk to their friends about things that are bothering them and problems with their girlfriends. Itís unfortunate, but it happens. Their friends get upset because, of course, they take his side. Itís kind of like girl talk, for guys. If this is whatís going on, the two of you should make a pact to keep your personal issues private.

ďLet him spend some time with his friends
when youíre
not around.Ē


Are They Jealous?

His friends could be resentful because they feel that youíve taken their friend away. Before you came along he probably spent most of his time with them, and now heís totally devoted to you. Itís not so much that they hate you. Theyíre jealous because they donít get to spend as much time with him anymore.

If this is the case, you can turn it around and win them over by giving your boyfriend more guy time. Let him spend time with his friends when youíre not around. When heís out with his friends, let him be with them. Donít call him or text him, or accidentally bump into them.

You and your boyfriend should also start including his friends in some of your activities so they wonít feel left out. Make them feel like they are a part of things, but donít try to hard or act phony. Soon, they will start to think of you as a friend too, and will start to look forward to the group outings.

Are They Just Looking Out For Him?

Maybe they are just trying to protect him. If his last girlfriend hurt him, they might just be worried that you are going to do the same thing. This is one case where you need to show them, not tell them. After theyíve seen that you really do care about your boyfriend, they will realize youíre not out to hurt him.

Do They Think Youíre Possessive?

If you and your boyfriend are too affectionate in front of them, they might see you as possessive. Itís best to save the affectionate displays for when you two are alone. When youíre with his friends donít constantly hover over him. Give that boy some room to breathe.

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Comments (22)
LoneWolf17  - Who cares whether they like you or not? It doesn't matter. They ain't dating you. - Nov 24 2016 - Like
sule03  - oh okay and that was acool and do you have askype so that i an tell you my ful soory and i no that you will be happy wi that and i no that you her that and aso and for tnat frist ima sule but call me t mf king and i no that you will be happy to her ther sorry of my famliy and i no tha so do you have askype or mail and if you have askype add me sule.mohammed10 and if you have amail add me [email protected] and every body who is intrsted in that add me so that i can tell you more - Oct 15 2016 - Like
ProfileNo5  - Boyfriend's* - Sep 13 2016 - Like
monac  - let his friends come around him when ever he is at home.try and do some get together for them.let your guy's friends feel good when ever you with them so they will also be good to you - Jun 19 2014 - Like
Con2468a  - Usually if your boyfriends friends hate you, you are a total bitch but have him by his dick so he doesn't leave you - Jun 2 2014 - Like
BigBoobies  - once i was with a guy and then i was having sex with a different guy and he walked in and now he hates me!!!! i didn't do anything wrong its not my fault! why is he mad??? - May 18 2014 - Like
Bookgirl201  - well most friends would value your opinion on the situation but unless you know for sure dont bring it up to them. - May 18 2014 - Like
Nanno  - If your friends hate you it's either they just have a chip on their shoulder with everyone, or maybe you should stop being a bitch. - May 7 2014 - Like
princelove  - i believe there is something wrong from your side ! be sincere to your self and you will find the solution itz within you ! you need also to pray to God to help you ! - Apr 25 2014 - Like
SAMUEL6  - i nee a lovely girl - Mar 28 2014 - Like
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