How Not to Be the Next Facebook Fail
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By Kevin Michel/Posted: Mar 17 2014
How Not to Be the Next Facebook Fail

You must have one those friends on Facebook. You know, the ones who annoy all of their other friends. Rather than unfriending them, you probably took them out of your news feed because you didnít want to hurt their feelings. Following these tips will keep you from annoying your friends and becoming the next Facebook fail.

Donít Beg for Attention Ė Posting vague statuses that beg your friends to ask you for more details is annoying, especially if you donít respond. Itís obvious that youíre just begging for comments. If you canít provide the details, donít make the post.

Donít Be Secretive Ė The whole mysterious thing is seriously lame. Donít post pictures of yourself with a guy or a girl and then fall silent when people ask questions.

Donít Be a Friend Collector Ė If you have 4,000 Facebook friends, everybody knows youíve never met half of those people. Having real friends who actually care about you is more important than numbers.

Donít Post 50 Updates a Day Ė Seriously, nobody is that important. When you do that, youíre cluttering up your friends' news feeds and they canít see what anybody else is saying. Keep it to the important stuff.

Donít Vent about Your Problems Ė Itís okay to vent about your problems, but donít air your dirty laundry all over Facebook to the point where you look like a half crazed drama queen, or king.

Donít Post Multiple Selfies Ė Youíre fishing for compliments and clogging your friendsí news feeds. Seriously, you donít need 50,000 pictures of yourself unless youíre a model.

Donít like Your Own Status Ė Liking your own status is sad. Obviously you like it, you wrote it. Give your friends a chance to read it and like it. You never know, they might.

Donít Post Pictures of Your Food Ė Your friends donít care what youíre having for dinner. They care what theyíre having for dinner. If you want to remember the meal, take a picture and save it on your phone so only you can see it.

Donít Post Provocative Pictures Ė Some girls always manage to cut their foreheads out of all of their pictures, but still manage to get their cleavage in every single one. Remember, your friends, family, and other people can all see your pictures.

Donít Constantly Post about Your Love Life Ė When a couple constantly posts about how in love they are, their friends realize that their relationship is in trouble. The only time people are public about how perfect things are, is when they really arenít so perfect.

Donít Post Compromising Photos of Friends Ė Employers look at Facebook, so donít post compromising pictures of you or your friends. If you do post pictures of a party, be respectful and donít tag your friends in it.

Donít Argue with Your Friends Ė When friends argue over Facebook walls, everybody reads it. Even if you delete it the next day, all of your friends and their friends have all ready read it.

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Locke87644  - you can also make your facebook private so family can't see anything on it. - Jan 4 2017 - Like
Locke87644  - don't be secretive? lol fuck that. people can mind their own business. - Jan 4 2017 - Like
HotPinkDoll  - My facebook been gone - Oct 13 2016 - Like
McMT22  - i recently joined facebook to improve my college status haha - Jul 13 2014 - Like
Lukew495  - ill join Facebook the day its not full of bullshit, which will be never - Jul 10 2014 - Like
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DorkFreedom  - i dont have facebooka nymore and glad - Apr 2 2014 - Like
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