How to Ace Your Exams and Feel Like a Pro
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Dec 3 2014
How to Ace Your Exams and Feel Like a Pro

The worst part about school is studying for exams. Going through the motions of sitting in the classroom and taking notes is the easy part. Here are some tips to help you go from that to passing the exam so you can move onward and upward.

Make it a Daily Project

Every day after school, make a point of going through your notes and highlighting the important parts. That way, when exam time rolls around, it won’t seem like a tedious chore. Write those key concepts out on a scrap piece of paper again, and then toss it. The repetition of writing that short definition or concept will help keep it lodged in your memory.

Ask for Extra Help

Teachers often offer extra help to students who need it, but people don’t like taking them up on it. It might cut in on your social life for an hour here or there, but in the end it will get you through the exam with the least amount of stress possible. Trust me, that few minutes to get the extra one-on-one help with learning a concept is well worth it.

Start Studying the Month Before

You’re not cramming, so this isn’t down and dirty studying. All you need to do is sit down with your notes and read them every night for one month. That’s all, just read them. By reading them every night, the key messages will stick with you and the repetition will help you recall the information during the exam.

Studying the Fun Way the Week Before

Make some practice tests and print them out. Include mainly questions with concepts you are having trouble comprehending. Retake the tests daily until you answer every question correctly. Continue to read your notes nightly during this process.

Take It Easy the Night Before

You’ve been working hard, preparing all along, so you can relax and reap the benefits the night before your exam. Read your notes over once, and once only. Don’t study and don’t do any practice tests. Go to bed early, and get a good night’s sleep, so you’ll be ready to go in the morning.

During Your Exam

Start With the Answers You Know

Read through the exam, answering the questions you are sure you know the answer to and leaving the hard ones for later. Your brain can start formulating answers to the hard questions while you work on the easy ones. You also won’t have to worry about leaving a question you would have gotten right unanswered.

Answer the Hard Questions Last

Go through and answer all of the hard questions that you passed on earlier. It’s a good idea to look at the clock at this point, and gear the time you spend on each question, according to how many marks it’s worth and the amount of time you have left. Make sure to put in an extra cushion of time to make sure you have a buffer at the end.

Fill In Every Blank

When you get down to the last 15 minutes, answer every question that is still blank with some sort of answer. Even if it’s not the exact answer, put in something that indicates your understanding of the subject in case your teacher offers partial marks. Those half marks can add up and are better than getting a zero for a blank answer.

Studying for exams doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you stay organized and on task you can ace the exam and relax in the knowledge that you did your very best. Do you have any special exam studying tips that you’d like to share?

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