How to Get a First Date with That Hot Guy
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Jan 10 2015
How to Get a First Date with That Hot Guy

You’ve been staring at that really hot guy across a crowded cafeteria all year. No matter how hard you try to get him off your mind, he lingers there in your daydreams. These tips will help you get from infatuation to a first a date in no time at all.

Flirt a Little – Make eye contact with him and smile. Then, look away as you toss your hair or twirl it in your fingers. If he starts to walk over, look at him and smile so he knows that it’s okay to approach you.

Use Body Language – Never cross your arms in front of you. It makes you look closed off and unapproachable. It’s better to keep your hands at your sides. However, don’t stand there looking stiff like a toy soldier. Practice a nice relaxed look in the mirror, if you’re having trouble.

Show Off Your Confidence – Guys usually like girls with self-confidence. Don’t put yourself down in front of him or appear needy. Let him see you being carefree while you have fun with your friends, and before long he’ll be wanting to hang out with you.

Make Him Listen – Smile while you’re talking to him so his focus will be on your mouth. Look down or away from time to time, so he’ll have to lean over to hear what you’re saying. If he asks you to repeat it and leans in, you’re doing it right.

Give Him Compliments – Tell him that he looks great, but don’t be cheesy about it. Everyone compliments people’s looks, and it gets boring. Instead, show your creativity and pique his interest.

Compliment him on an answer he gave in science class, or his sense of humor, or some talent that he has. He’ll remember that you’re interested enough to know and remember a little bit about him.

Don’t Play Dumb – So many girls play dumb to get a guy, but it doesn’t really work, at leastnot for very long. Believe it or not, most guys like girls with brain cells. Never, ever play down your intelligence or change who you are just to get a guy. If you have to do that, he’s not worth it.

Show Some Interest - Ask him questions about the things he likes to do or his favorite movies. You might find that the two of you have a lot in common. Make sure you don’t make this like an interrogation because nobody likes to play 20 Questions, especially not with a prospective love interest.

Just Say No to Drama – Don’t bring up drama in a casual conversation with someone you’re interested in. As soon as you bring up the latest goings on in your circle of friends he’s going to head for the hills. Instead, you should act calm, so he feels peaceful and relaxed around you.

Mention Upcoming Events – If there’s a big dance or an awesome party coming up, ask him if he’s going. When he knows that you’re both going, he just might ask you to go with him as his date.

Ask Him Out – If after all that he still hasn’t asked you out, bite the bullet and ask him out. The worst he can say is no. Believe it or not, boys are just as afraid of rejection as girls are. Unfortunately, tradition puts most of the burden on them when it comes to asking for dates.

But really, most of the time their palms are sweating and their shaking in their shoes when they ask for a date in case you say no. By taking the pressure off him and doing the asking, you’re showing him that you’re a modern kind of gal who isn’t afraid to take the bull by the horns to get what she wants.

Don’t settle for daydreams when you could be going on a first date with the guy of your dreams. Try these tips to rope him in so you can get that first date.

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