How to Know If He's The One
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Feb 12 2014
How to Know If He's The One

Most girls will meet their first true love, have their first big crush or date a boy for the first time as a teenager. While you know how you feel about this person, it’s scary because you’re feeling new emotions yourself and still have that doubt and of course the concern of how they truly feel about you. It can sometimes be hard to understand yourself much less try to figure someone else out. But when it is matters of the heart at stake it is almost imperative to know. A new experience in life can bring many trials and tribulations but there are many clues that will help you learn if he’s "the one" and really feeling you.

Some signs that he likes you as much as you like him:

  • He always wants to be around you. A boy that really likes you will want to spend as much time with you as possible, so this is a sure sign that he is ‘the one.’
  • Does he tell his friends about you? Boys are really strange if you ask me, and sometimes they try to act like they don’t really like a girl when their friends are around. Btu when that boy really, really likes you, he won’t be able to stop himself from telling all of his friends about you.
  • He listens to you. In case your mom or sister hasn’t already told you, boys sometimes don’t listen to what girls have to say, and even those occasions they do it is usually only a short-lived memory. When he remembers things that you tell him, the little things like your birthday or your favorite foods or songs, he may be ‘the one’ for you.
  • He cares what you think. Your opinion is very important to him if he really cares. Whether it is the outfit that he wore to school Friday that he wonders what you thought of or some other type of situation, when he asks how you feel or what you want he likes you!
  • Your gut tells you so. We have those inner inhibitions inside of us and if we listen to them they usually point us toward the truth. Sometimes it may not be what we want to hear, but more often than not it is right! If your gut tells you to step back there is probably a reason, but if it tells you to go for it, you may be on to something and have found ‘the one.’

Dating as a teen is so much fun and it gives girls the chance to start to get to know life. When you start to really like a boy, make sure that you look for the cues and signs listed above to determine if he is really feelin’ you like you are him.

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Comments (34)
rlyxJasXluca  - Even if it says this ya gotta be careful anybody can look like they care but they don't deep inside. I'm not saying that everybody is like that but I'm saying it's a possibility - Jun 27 2017 - Like
BrokenSmiles  - Sometimes..... even if you know a person. You still have lot to know about him or her. We can't be sure. But what's permanent is self interest. If that dies.... so will his or her relationship with you. - May 31 2017 - Like
Ulaniel  - Not true. - May 3 2017 - Like
analia  - its very true - Apr 20 2017 - Like
ANGELIQUE!  - has this been tested - Mar 29 2017 - Like
Love?  - This is such shit advise - Feb 16 2017 - Like
brianna7  - haha got it - Oct 24 2016 - Like
RileyUrie  - Biggest bullshit I've ever read - Oct 20 2016 - Like
Ishyyy  - This is some high standard bullshit - Oct 16 2016 - Like
Radiohead23  - I think a more appropriate title would be "How To Get Friendzoned" - Oct 1 2016 - Like
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