How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Feb 6 2014
How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

After months of dating and building the perfect relationship you get a shocking phone call. Your boyfriend is all packed and ready to move to another state. Although you want to continue the relationship, you might not know how to make a long distance relationship work. You may have even heard that long distance relationships donít work. Maintaining a long distance relationship is never easy, but with some effort you can have a very successful one. By following these tips you will be able to have a long-lasting long distance relationship

Trust Each Other

The most important thing in making a long distance relationship work is that you have to trust each other. When there is a lot of distance between you, you wonít know what the other person is doing all the time. You have to have trust that the other person is not cheating on you, and that they are being honest with you. If you donít have faith in each other there is no chance of maintaining the relationship for very long.

Be Honest

People in long distance relationships get nervous, so itís important not to hide anything. If your partner asks you a question, answer it honestly. Never lie and never give them a reason to doubt you. When youíre answering a question, donít hesitate and answer it completely. If you hesitate the other person will get nervous and start to worry. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldnít have to worry about answering a few simple questions.

Talk Every Day

Life gets busy, but you should still make a little bit of time for each other every day. Whether itís on the phone or through emails, texts, instant messages, or Skype you need to make communication a priority. Without communication any relationship will break down, and a long distance relationship is no exception.

Try Not to Worry

Sometimes the other person might have to cut a conversation short when they are busy or if something comes up. Try to relax and understand that homework, chores, or work are the likely reasons. Donít jump to conclusions or assume the worst. If you do have concerns, talk out the issues.

Talk Out the Issues

You should both feel comfortable expressing any doubts and talking about any issues as they arise. Talking about the issues will ensure that you both feel secure and confident about the relationship going forward. If you donít take care of small problems today, they could turn into big problems tomorrow.

Get Together

Although the distance makes it difficult, you should plan to spend time together when you can. During school vacation, or on holidays, or weekends, one of you could travel to spend time with the other. Taking turns is always a good option so that not just one of you is hit with all of the travel expenses. Failing to make a point of getting together on a regular basis is a big reason why a lot of long distance relationships fail.

Surprise visits are exciting, but you should always confirm with a family member that the other person will be there when youíre planning to visit. It would certainly be a surprise for you if you traveled several hundred miles to find out that your boyfriend was visiting friends in another city.

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend work at it, you can definitely make a long distance relationship work. It just takes a little bit of effort and a whole lot of trust. But if youíre willing to work at it, your relationship will flourish regardless of how many miles are between you.

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