How to Nail that Perfect Summer Job
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Mar 20 2014
How to Nail that Perfect Summer Job

Summer is coming. If you need a job for extra money, the time to start looking is now. If you wait too long, all of the other kids will start looking and the jobs will get snatched up fast. These tips will help you nail the perfect summer job, so you can get started on earning your first paycheck.

Where to Look for a Job

Sometimes trying to find a job is overwhelming. Start by thinking about your skills and interests, and try to find jobs that coincide with those. Many employers advertise jobs in newspapers, online, or at job fairs. However, a lot of jobs are never advertised so if you donít see a particular company listed, apply anyway. Tell everyone you know that youíre looking for a job. You never know who might know about an opportunity.

Get Your Resume Ready

Have a resume ready to hand out to prospective employers. Include any skills you have, your experience, and your hobbies. If you donít have experience yet, list any volunteer work youíve done, odd jobs, or even babysitting. Remember to check your resume over for spelling and grammatical errors. After youíve finished, have your parents or a good friend double-check it.

Acing an Interview

If you get called for an interview, you should prepare for it ahead of time. Do some research and learn something about the company. When they ask you if you know anything about their company, you will impress them with your knowledge and the fact that you took the time to find out the information.

Learning about the company also gives you some information to base questions on. Near the end of an interview they will ask you if you have any questions. Most people usually say no. Make yourself stand out from the crowd by asking interesting questions that will make the interviewer take notice.

Prior to your interview you should practice your interviewing skills. Answering questions is hard, especially when youíre trying to sell yourself. Get your parents or one of your friends to help you by conducting imaginary interviews with you, so you can get comfortable with the process. Always smile and act confident, even if youíre not.

When You Canít Find a Job

If you canít find a job, donít worry. Thereís no need to panic or think youíre not going to have any extra money. Think of a skill that youíre good at and create a job for yourself. Maybe youíre good at painting, or yard work and landscaping, or maybe you love animals and could dog sit. All of these things could create the perfect summer job for you.

If you create your own summer job and go into business for yourself, you donít need to spend a fortune on advertising. Most grocery stores and Laundromats have bulletin boards where you can pin a flyer. You also might be able to find free online classifieds in your area where you could post about your services.

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MattB493  - I have job at panera and when I first went, eye contact was also important. Look like you're really trying to connect with the manager interviewing you. - Aug 2 2017 - Like
CakeIsDaBae  - Waat part time jobs are there apart from babysitting and dog/cat walking???? - Oct 13 2014 - Like
Elaine16  - I need a.summer job, but I'm kinda nervous about it.... :( - Jul 13 2014 - Like
ericgibson  - are u fine - May 22 2014 - Like
ericgibson  - hi - May 22 2014 - Like
kmo40543  - i need a summer job - Apr 27 2014 - Like
DomenicoG.  - If ur in the seattle area and need a summer job message me, i could use some help around the coffee shop XD - Mar 25 2014 - Like
FreshCleo  - That can pay me much? - Mar 24 2014 - Like
FreshCleo  - Do you any of those summer job? - Mar 24 2014 - Like
Lucius0  - I'd rather nail that perfect summer booty - Mar 21 2014 - Like
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