I Feel like I'm Getting Cheated On?
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Apr 4 2014
I Feel like I'm Getting Cheated On?

It’s a horrible feeling when you think you’re being cheated on. Your heart sinks into your stomach, and you can’t even think about anything else. Unfortunately, cheating is all too common. Here are some common signs that your partner might be cheating on you.

They Call or Text You Less Often – If your partner used to call you or text you all the time, and now barely messages you at all, it could be a sign that something else is occupying their time.

They Suddenly Start Breaking Dates – When they suddenly start cancelling plans or breaking dates at the last minute, they might have other plans with someone else.

They Aren’t Where They Said They Would Be – They said they had to work late, so you took them in a snack for their break only to find out they had the night off. That should raise some suspicions.

They Are Avoiding You – If your partner is normally very attentive, but then suddenly starts avoiding you, they might be cheating.

They Are More Affectionate – If they suddenly become a lot more affectionate than usual, it is sometimes because they feel guilty for cheating on you.

They Are More Distant Lately – On the opposite end of the spectrum, guilt from cheating can make a once attentive partner become very distant.

Your Friends Saw Them with Someone Else – If your friends or family are telling you that they recently saw your partner out with someone else, you should pay attention.

They Are Constantly Texting – People who are cheating might receive constant texts, especially at odd hours. If your partner is receiving a lot of text messages, and is anxious around the time the texts start coming, it’s a red flag.

They Are Secretive about Their Phone – Someone with nothing to hide won’t need to hide or delete their texts. They also won’t need to leave the room or go outsideto answer calls.

They Are Suddenly Buying You Gifts – Everyone loves to get gifts, but a remorseful partner might start showering you with gifts for no apparent reason.

They Are More Worried Than Usual about Their Appearance – Everybody wants to look their best. However, if they have taken a sudden interest in their appearance and bought a new wardrobe or started working out, you might want to look into why.

They Have Cheated Before – If they cheated on their ex, they will cheat on you next. People who have cheated before are likely to cheat again, and now that they’ve got experience, they just might get away with it.

They Have a Short Temper – Partners who normally have an even temper might start getting upset about little things and anger easily due to stress from guilt.

They Are Acting Possessive – Even if they’ve never seemed jealous or possessive before, they might if they’re cheating. They become obsessed with the fact that they’re cheating to the point where they become paranoid that you’re doing it too.

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Comments (57)
RyleeW12  - This information is all general information! Everybody knows this! I got cheated on and noticed more than this happening. - Nov 17 2018 - Like
bornloser  - Happened to me in both of my only 2 relationships. >:( Why bother being in a relationship if you're gonna cheat on your SO? - Aug 23 2017 - Like
MatthewH10  - My ex cheated on me multiple times unbelievable I just don't get it I wasn't a bad boyfriend or anything she never explained why just said the relationship was over - Aug 2 2017 - Like
bella08  - I just found out that he was(still is)cheating on me what should i do? - May 25 2017 - Like
whynotme94  - So I met this guy last year that I really liked . I waited and got too know him more and then this school year I asked him out. He said yes and it was amazing . But after two weeks he said he needed space, I then found out two days later he was in a relationship with girl who I thought was my best friend and who was really sweet too me and helped me through our break up. I let it go and tried too get over him but no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't work. We agreed too stay friends and I began too accept that maybe he was happy with her. A couple days into the relationship with her he asked me too come over and hang out so I did. He kissed me and stuff and later on we had sex, little did I know he was a virgin. He then played songs for me, made me cry and said he wanted me back. We have been back together for five days and I feel like he does care he calls her physco and stuff like that but yet after telling me he wanted her too leave him alone he was messaging her back. He tells me he loves me and treats me like gold but I don't know how too tell him I'm feeling insecure without him leaving me because I really like him…. - Oct 15 2014 - Like
shonteal98  - heres another one you should have put when your gfs say hes been asking for their bad pictures or he just quits talking! - Oct 5 2014 - Like
jini-sexy123  - ami me paso :) pero no me inpor ta por que yo tambien selo ise :P - Sep 19 2014 - Like
isaacamoah4  - hello to you all - Aug 26 2014 - Like
corkr900  - HEY HERE'S A CONCEPT: INSTEAD OF READING GENERALIZED SIGNS OF CHEATING ONLINE, HOW ABOUT CONFRONTING HIM/HER AND ASKING ABOUT IT. Suspicion ruins relationships just as badly as cheating itself... trust me. The worst thing that can happen to a relationship is when you stop talking to each other and get suspicious. So if you think he/she is cheating, get off the internet and go ask him/ her, "hi, you've been unusually detached lately. why?" - Aug 13 2014 - Like
MiniMouse310  - alanderson - Jul 15 2014 - Like
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