I'm Pregnant Teenager. Now What?
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Feb 10 2014
I'm Pregnant Teenager. Now What?

You had high hopes for your future, big dreams, and big plans. Now suddenly youíre staring at a blue line with fear in your heart. Many teenagers have been in your shoes and felt your panic before. Now that youíve had a positive pregnancy test there are some things that you should do.

See Your Doctor

You should see your family doctor as soon as you can to confirm your pregnancy. Sometimes a home pregnancy test can produce false positive results. If you are pregnant, you will need to make some decisions. If you decide to continue on with the pregnancy, early prenatal care is crucial to both you and your baby.

Tell the father

After youíve confirmed the pregnancy with a doctor you should tell the babyís father. Telling him before you know for sure is pointless because you could potentially be making him worry for no reason.

Tell Your Parents

Itís always best to tell your parents before you see the doctor, but a lot of teenage girls donít. In either case, you should tell your parents as soon as possible. Although they may not be completely thrilled about the situation initially, they will be your support system throughout your pregnancy, and while youíre raising your child if you continue on with your pregnancy.

Make Some Decisions

"Once you have confirmed your pregnancy, you will need to make some decisions. You will need to decide if you are going to continue on with the pregnancy and raise your baby. Being a mother is a very rewarding experience that you will never regret, but being a teenage mother is not easy. If you decide that being a teenage mother is not for you, you will have to make a decision between abortion and adoption.

ďEarly prenatal care is crucial to both you and your baby.Ē


Hold Your Head Up

Whether youíre pregnant because your birth control method failed, you skipped a few pills, or because you planned your pregnancy is irrelevant. Being a teenage mother is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Being a mother, regardless of your age, is a difficult job. If you are up to the responsibility that it entails, you should never feel embarrassed.

Donít Be a Statistic

As people start to find out that youíre pregnant, and as you start to look more and more pregnant, people are going to say some not so nice things. Itís important to ignore them and continue on toward your goal of being the best mother you possibly can for your child. Use the negativity of others as a step-ladder for your success as a mother. Take all of their negatives and turn them into positives. When people tell you that canít provide a future for your child, work harder at completing your school work so that you will be able to. When people tell you youíre going to spend your life on welfare, work on getting a job so that you wonít.

Get Your Education

No matter what your circumstances are, itís important that you get your education. Having a baby does not excuse you from getting a high school diploma nor does it give you the right to watch soap operas all day. Do not let yourself become a statistic. Instead, get your diploma through online courses, correspondence courses, or a day school program. After you get your high school diploma, start applying to colleges. Just because you had a baby doesnít mean you should put your dreams and plans for the future on hold. Now you have an even bigger reason to push toward your goals. Now youíre making a future for yourself and your child.

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crashbox  - hey condoms exist - Jun 21 2017 - Like
CombatCoral  - I aborted my uncles baby - Jun 20 2017 - Like
Wv ej  - Like the same thing happen 2 my bff - May 23 2017 - Like
UsernameMofo  - Hey, Nemo17, there are thousands of orphaned children who are waiting to be adopted. How about people start adopting them. - May 21 2017 - Like
Abduliniho  - This shit is ridiculous. I hate idea of abortions no matter what stage. And my ex was a young mum (not my kid) and she was a fantastic mum. Not all young people are destined to be shit mums or dads who can't cope. some do it better then older people. Media only cover the bad ones. Some times you may think that you wished you could go back and wait. But sometimes it's the best gift. All young mums keep your heads up. - May 20 2017 - Like
MattUrDream  - STFU with that crap there's no brain activity until 27 weeks, it's just cells that is being killed. - Apr 4 2017 - Like
UndeadGirl2  - You ppl need to learn that maby a girl could have gotten pregnant bc of rape instead of calling them sluts for being pregnant,i am a teen mom and its not bc i had consented to sex - Mar 19 2017 - Like
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