Lights Out! What to Do When You're Left in the Dark
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Jan 3 2015
Lights Out! What to Do When You're Left in the Dark

Flickering lights, creaking stairs, and loud bangs, we all laugh when we watch scenes like that in a horror film. But, when you’re home alone and the power goes out, panic sets in. Here are some things that you can do the next time the lights go out, so you aren’t left in the lurch.

Gather Your Necessities

When the storm comes, it’s a good idea to get a few things together in case you lose power. Having flashlights, candles, a book, some blankets, and even some snacks in one place will make them easier to find when you need them the most. A battery operated radio and some batteries, are also great additions for a power outage kit.

Creep Around

If it’s dark, drop down onto your hands and knees and crawl to the area where you’ve stored your kit. By feeling your way around, you can make sure that you won’t accidentally bang into something. You’ll stay safe and avoid stumbling and unnecessary falls. Even if you think you know the way, some obstacle could wind up tripping you.

Stay Off Your Cell

Although it’s tempting to start texting your friends to keep in contact with the outside world, you should avoid using your phone as much as possible. Once the battery drains you won’t be able to recharge it until the power comes back on. Keep it handy, so you can contact people if you need to, but don’t use it for casual conversations.

Keep Your Mind Occupied

If your power goes out during the day or you have a flashlight with a lot of battery life, read a book to keep your mind occupied. The time will seem to pass faster when you lose yourself in a story. Before you know it, the lights will be back on and everything will be up and running again.

Get Out of the House

If the sun is still shining, go outside and get some fresh air. You don’t have any access to electronics or video games anyway. It’s the perfect opportunity to get some exercise while you go for a walk, or even ride the ramps at the skate park. Visit your friends in person, instead of chatting them up on Facebook. It’s fun.

Feast on Freezer Food

Your freezer will keep your food frozen for about 24-48 hours, if you’re not continually opening the door. A lengthy power outage during a hurricane, blizzard or ice storm could keep your power out for longer. Eating the ice-cream, popsicles, and frozen desserts will keep your parents from having to toss them out later. Just make sure you only open the freezer door once because you don’t want to risk thawing everything else.

Have a Party

Have a few friends over for a spooky sleepover. Sit around with flashlights and tell scary stories in your pyjamas. You could make a fort in your living room, and have everyone bring sleeping bags, to make it more like a real camp out.

Get Your Game On

Get out those old board games and dust them off. If you don’t have any games sitting in the back of a closet, make your own. Get some cardboard, some markers, and some paper. With a little bit of creativity, you invent a game that will keep you busy until your house lights up again.

Don’t let a power outage frazzle you. These tips, along with a few of your own bright ideas, will help keep you from feeling stressed when you’re left in the dark.

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