Picking out the Perfect Gift for Your Perfect Guy
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Dec 29 2014
Picking out the Perfect Gift for Your Perfect Guy

Nothing stirs up anxiety like shopping for a boyfriend. Your otherwise confident self turns into a basket of nerves as you constantly worry about whether he’ll like what you get him. These tips will help you pick out the perfect gift for your guy.

The Craftsman– A guy who’s always tinkering away in the garage or workshop, will appreciate tools. A tool set doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and chances are he’s just starting out and doesn’t have many tools of his own anyway. It’s one thing to borrow your dad’s tools, but it’s an amazing feeling when you’ve actually got your own.

The Sweet Tooth- As sexist as it sounds, the way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. He’ll appreciate a handmade treat from the kitchen every bit as much as the most expensive toy in the store. Knowing that you made it especially for him with your own hands makes it even more special and earns you extra brownie points.

The Sports Buff- If your baby can’t go without watching his favorite team play, why not get him tickets to watch a game in person? If buying tickets to an actual game isn’t an option, rent a game that he wouldn’t normally get to see on one of the sports channels, and then curl up and watch it together.

The Bling Enthusiast- If your baby likes the bling get him something that screams for attention. The only thing about bling for a guy is that the cost rises quickly. Guys tend to have higher standards when it comes to jewelry than girls. It sounds sexist, but it’s true. Girls are happy with cute little trinkets, but guys tend to want something solid and sturdy. It really boils down to girls accessorizing for different outfits, but guys wearing the same chain all the time. If it’s going to rust and turn their neck fancy colors a month down the road, it’s best to skip it.

The Romantic– Bedazzle a romantic with a slide show or movie of your relationship made with photos of the two of you. You could use your song as the soundtrack, or even make your own voice over track reminding him of special events. Remember though, if you haven’t been dating each other long, this can come off as creepy.

The Reader– Consider getting him that book he’s been talking about buying. If you’ve noticed that he’s always checking out the cover of Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, or any other magazine, buy him a subscription. With the cost of gas, and magazine subscriptions on the rise, people can’t seem to have both, and he can only read so much at a time when he’s checking it out on the rack in the store. He’ll think of you every month when his favorite magazine arrives in the mail.

Any Guy on the Planet- Most, probably not all, but most guys love gadgets. Fake credit card that doubles as a pocket knife, he’ll love it. That game that gives you a shocking jolt if you don’t push the button on time will make his day. An alarm clock that he has to shoot at to turn off – he’ll think it’s the coolest thing ever tomorrow morning when it goes off and he’s navigating his room like a detective in a movie trying to hit the target.

Don’t let shopping for your boyfriend get your nerves all riled up. If you give him something special, from your heart, he’ll love it. It’s never about how much you spend, it’s about the thought that went into the gift itself.

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