Sext Is Fun but Should I Be Sexting?
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Mar 10 2014
Sext Is Fun but Should I Be Sexting?

Maybe sexting is fun because itís naughty, or maybe itís fun because you know you could get caught. Regardless of why you do it, sending sexually explicit messages, pictures, or videos through texts can have some pretty serious consequences that could affect you for the rest of your life. If you think those messages are all in harmless fun, think again.

Who Sends Sext Photos?

Girls tend to send naked photos of themselves more often than boys, but boys do it too. Often girls send pictures of themselves to get attention, or because a boy asks for one and they are hoping that if they send it, the boy will like them. Unfortunately, it doesnít always work out that way.

But I Trust My Boyfriend

You might trust your boyfriend, but countless other girls trusted their boyfriends too. You might actually believe that he is the only person that will ever see that picture. But the truth is that all of his friends will see it. No guy would ask to see a naked picture of someone if he didnít intend to show it off and prove that he had it.

Even if he is the most trustworthy person in the world and never shows it to anyone, itís still out there in cyberspace. It could literally wind up anywhere, including on porn sites or in the hands of a child predator. Your parents, teachers, and friends could all wind up seeing it. Eventually that picture that you thought was harmless could affect your chances of getting into college or getting a job.

ďWhile you might enjoy sexting, itís not the safest passtime.Ē


Legal Consequences of Sexting

You can get in trouble for distributing child pornography if you sext and you are under 18, even if you are the person in the photographs. Weíre not talking a slap on the wrist either, weíre talking serious jail time. If you sent the photos from your home Internet connection, your parents can get arrested too.

The charges against your parents will probably be dropped, but not until after theyíve had their names published in the paper, lost their jobs, and spent a fortune on lawyers. To top it all off, you could have to register as a sex offender. Someday you might have children of your own, but if youíre on that list you canít raise them. Those are pretty serious consequences.

Humiliating Consequences of Sexting

When you send a sext message, or any message for that matter, itís not necessarily just your intended recipient whoís going to read it. If youíre in a hurry to send your sext message, you might accidentally send it to the wrong person. Accidentally sending it to your mom or your boyfriendís mom would be mortifying.

While you might enjoy sexting, itís not the safest pastime. There are so many things that could happen. Your whole life can be ruined with just one message or image. Think twice before you send your next sext. You never know, that special guy might respect you more if you donít send it.

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Scormix10  - hmu girls for skype or kik chat ;) - Jul 27 2017 - Like
high money  - yes it should - Jun 21 2017 - Like
Love!give me  - sext me girls! - May 4 2017 - Like
rianscales  - Sexting is amazing, i'll sext anyone lol - Mar 31 2017 - Like
hsmart  - i belive that if u have been toghter for a while and are of age then there is nothhin wrong with it - Mar 24 2017 - Like
hsmart  - i belive that if u have been toghter for a while and are of age then there is nothhin wrong with it - Mar 24 2017 - Like
_turtleninja  - - well sexting is the safe way of sex .. why? because it'll avoid us guys to get our girlfriend pregnant. - Mar 1 2017 - Like
space kiddo  - the people saying that is okay and defending this is disgusting - Feb 1 2017 - Like
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