The Naked Truth About Sending Nude Photos
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By Kevin Michel/Posted: Dec 15 2014
The Naked Truth About Sending Nude Photos

Being playful when you’re texting or messaging someone is fun. But, sometimes you might think about sending a nude picture, or maybe your partner will ask for one. Here are a few reasons why you should keep your clothes on and your camera turned off.

You’re Trafficking Child Pornography

Whether the pictures are of you or someone else, if you’re a minor you’re tracking child pornography, which is a very serious charge. Not only can you be charged for trafficking, but your boyfriend can be charged for possessing the pictures.

Other People WILL See Them

Information like pictures and text travel from person to person through Internet or data packets that can get intercepted along the way. Not only that, but business owners and employees have access to anything sent through their systems. For example, Snapchat, Facebook, or even your cell provider could see anything you send if they wanted to.

Don’t think for one second that chat conversations, pictures, and things like that haven’t been subpoenaed from them by the courts before. They have, and they’ve been provided.

They Could Get Shared

Once the picture leaves your phone you no longer have any control over it. From there it follows the lines of cyberspace to whoever you sent it to, and whoever they send it to. Hopefully, the person you sent it to will keep it personal. But they could post it anywhere online, email it to their friends, or even text it out.

They Might Not Have the Desired Effect

Maybe for you it’s all about the tease and sexting to try to keep your partner interested until your relationship progresses. The thing is, you have no way of knowing whether your partner is collecting pictures from other people as well. While you might trust them completely, this is your body and your life we’re talking about.

Sending nudes is never a good idea, even if you’re in a committed relationship. But, if you’re just dating someone or trying to get their attention, keep your fingers off the "send" button!

Break Up Retaliations Happen

Sometimes when people are going through a tough break up they go out of their way to hurt the other person by posting bad things about them all over Facebook, or spreading rumors.

If they had ammunition like naked pictures to hold over your head, they could post them everywhere, or use them to force you to stay in the relationship. Even the nicest person in the world can act out when their feelings are hurt.

Hacking Happens

Even if your partner doesn’t share it, that doesn’t mean your picture will remain private. People hack into things all the time, and your picture could wind up being circulated without you or your partner’s knowledge. Don’t run the risk of becoming a poster child for why you should never send a nude.

A Moment of Fun Can Haunt You for a Lifetime

Once something gets shared on the Internet, it’s there forever. Taking a nude picture of yourself might have seemed like a fun idea at the time, but if your picture gets shared or posted anywhere, you’ll carry that weight on your shoulders for a lifetime.

Employers sometimes Google potential employees and you don’t want the selfies you once thought were private popping up in the search results. Having nude pictures circulating around could affect future job prospects, relationships, and many other aspects of your life.

It’s okay to act playful and flirty, but be smart about it. Flirt all you want through messages or in person. Just hang on to your dignity, keep your clothes on, and keep your camera safely tucked away. Remember, you’re the only you, you’ve got.

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Comments (64)
TuTuFaFa  - This is something that people on this site won't take into consideration. :/ - Sep 13 2021 - Like
Powerchic  - But I don't send nudes anyhow - Feb 19 2021 - Like
Powerchic  - True true - Feb 19 2021 - Like
pinoyboy  - send me your nudes xD - Sep 12 2017 - Like
Natedog1290  - I've done it I got caught. The police got involved. I've got a criminal record I don't give a f*uck. I goes when I'm eighteen. It was fun. Just don't send it to the wrong person - Jul 17 2017 - Like
Kevin he  - No! Kill all the nude photo! Make the world clean again! We meet girl not for nude photo! For marry! - Jul 14 2017 - Like
killbot64  - I like all the people talking about it not being child pornography. bitch you are a child,and it is a naked image. child, pornography. that simple. and then there is those talking about the hack being bs. its extremely easy to hack a phone, as in if you gave me your phone i know people that could easily hack your shit, if you ever connect to starbucks free wifi, anything like that. - Jul 12 2017 - Like
Ablee?.?  - This is legit,... I mean If someone really wants to see that,... if their reLally that interested in the person they'll just go visit them. - Jun 26 2017 - Like
Ablee?.?  - This is legit,... I mean If someone really wants to see that,... if their reLally that interested in the person they'll just go visit them. - Jun 26 2017 - Like
Termario.D  - How is it child pornography if its consensual to both parties involved? Also, if i for example send a picture to my partner while we are of the same age, how is it moral for anyone to be charged. To put it nicely.. Your facts are a little farfetched. But thats just my view. - Jun 14 2017 - Like
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