Tips for Buying Your Girlfriend the Perfect Gift
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By Suzy Moore/Posted: Dec 27 2014
Tips for Buying Your Girlfriend the Perfect Gift

Sometimes it seems like women don’t know what they want on a good day, and then some special occasion rolls around and you have to play mind reader to get them something they’ll actually use and love. Whether it be for Christmas or her birthday, these tips will help you pick out the perfect gift to melt her heart and suit her personality.

The Book Enthusiast- If she reads a lot of books ask around to see if there’s one she really wants, but hasn’t read. To save money, the eBook version of any book has always been less expensive than the hard copy version. If you have extra money and there is a movie that corresponds to the book, consider buying her both.

The Creative- If she’s the artistic type consider getting her a sketchbook and some paints, colored pencils, or charcoal. If writing is her thing, you can’t go wrong with good text editing software. Although a lot of the better writing software is expensive, a couple of the free ones offer the same features, and some even better ones.

The Music Lover- If she’s always listening to music and/or books on her MP3, get her a gift card for her favorite music download website. Alternatively, you could buy her a special edition boxed set by her favorite artist, complete with posters and other memorabilia, or even tickets for the two of you to go to a concert together.

The Classic- If your girlfriend is one of those classic girls whose fashion sense never goes out of style, consider a timeless piece of jewelry. Something like a bracelet with her name on it, or a silver anklet would be the perfect gift. The budget on this can go up or down depending on whether you go for stainless steel, silver, or gold.

The Trend Setter- When she’s the trend setter among your friends, it’s not easy to pick out the exact right thing without asking her first. If you do decide to take a risk and go for it, make sure whatever you choose fits in with her present look, but is flamboyant enough to start a few trends of its own. Think Garcia (Criminal Minds) glasses with a different spin or crazy belts. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to pull this off, unless you want to.

The Sentimental Sweetheart- She’s always taking pictures of family and friends, but she has nowhere special to keep them. Show her how much you care by getting her a special photo album to keep those treasured keepsakes in. If you can’t afford to get a special album, buy a regular one, some fabric, and a glue gun and make one for her using a tutorial on YouTube.

Every Girl on the Planet –If you still don’t know what to get her, make her a mixed CD of songs that tell the story of your relationship (You could call it "The Seasons of Us,") or even just songs that you both love. If you’re not into making CD’s, make her a cake, some cookies, or even some fudge. The fact that you took the time to put so much of yourself into making her something will mean a lot to her.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your girlfriend a present that will win her heart. All you need to do is give her something that plays into her personality that she can actually use, and she’ll think of you every day. Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about how expressing how much you care.

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YourPoint..?  - This article is ridiculous xD - May 14 2017 - Like
Olafsson  - CDs in 2017? I would recommend a playlist on YT, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. - Apr 22 2017 - Like
Kawaiibear!!  - Girls acting picky over gifts and shit and im like... I just want a bf at all period ._. - Sep 19 2016 - Like
auntjemima98  - i wouldnt care any gift is perfect if it is from the one i love - Jan 16 2015 - Like
Aries Cloud  - I would be happy with either of the first 3 and of course, the last^-^ - Jan 1 2015 - Like
cmh120809  - these seem like helpful tips. now if only i actually had a girlfriend ._. - Dec 31 2014 - Like
Ezy   - i got my ex gf money once.... she said it was insulting... :o - Dec 28 2014 - Like
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