How to Turn Your Best Friend into a Girlfriend
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By Kevin Michel/Posted: Jan 10 2015
How to Turn Your Best Friend into a Girlfriend

You’ve been best friends for a long time. Now that you’re both single, you’re starting to see her as girlfriend material. But, how do you make the transition from best friend to boyfriend? These easy tips will help you pull yourself out of the friend zone and turn your best friend into your best girlfriend ever.

Spend Time with Her

The best way to find out if you truly want to date someone is to get to know them. Call her up and ask her to hang out more often. A quick acceptance is a good sign that she likes you back. But, if she’s always making excuses or cancelling, chances are that she’s only interested in friendship.

Woo Her

You’ve been her best friend for a long time, and you know what attracts her to other men. Use that information to your advantage. Take her on the kinds of dates you know she loves and talk about the things that interest her. By using that key information to make every moment with her perfect, you’re ensuring that she’ll see you as the perfect boyfriend.

Flirt with Her

The reason your friendship probably works so well, is that you’re both treading a fine line. You’re too comfortable with each other to flirt, and that keeps the relationship from progressing. Try flirting a little bit and see how she reacts. If she flirts back, keep on going.

Touch Her

When you’re talking to her, touch the inside of her forearm, or move her hair out of her face. Just little incidental touches can make her suddenly realize that you’re not just any other guy, and that there really is a spark there.

Tell Her

Rather than second guessing yourself and trying to understand what she’s thinking, the best approach is often to just let her know how you feel. She’ll either feel the same way or she won’t. Either way, life carries on. If you tell her and she’s not interested, move on with your life and find someone who is.

Picking the Right Moment

There’s more to picking the right moment than just picking a time and place to tell her. You also need to make sure you’re both at the right place in your lives. If either one of you are already involved in a relationship, it’s best to keep it to yourself until you’re both single so nobody gets hurt.

However, it’s also a bad idea to tell her that you’re interested in her while either one of you are going through a bad break-up. Rebound relationships never work out and aren’t fair to either partner. Waiting until you’ve both healed from past relationships will save you a lot of pain and heartache later.

You should also make sure you tell her somewhere where you can have a private conversation without being completely alone like a restaurant or a coffee shop. If you tell her when you’re out with a group of friends, you wind up with an audience and that puts a lot of pressure on both of you.

However, if you tell her somewhere that’s too private, like her house, she has nowhere to go if she needs time to think about it. Choosing the perfect time and place will help you ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, no matter what the outcome is.

Try these tips to turn your best friend into a girlfriend. There’s no point in sitting on the sidelines when you could be on the brink of your best relationship ever. After all, the best relationships always start with a great friendship.

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gemini~  - Dating ur best friend is a big mistake....i dated mine and it ended up in the worst heart ache ever. Because losing somone you already have so many good memories with ontop of that it makes a break up much harder because neither one of you is gonna wanna let go even though ur hurting each just generates more pain this is bs - Jan 17 2017 - Like
Locke87644  - the couple that slays together. stays together. - Jan 3 2017 - Like
noahkey7  - all this is bullshit if u like a girl even if she is u r friend u should tell her i know u may ruin u r friendship but in life u should be a bit selfish even if she doesn't accept u as boyfriend u will fell good telling her - Dec 21 2016 - Like
megalucario7  - its useful but i dont know anyone long enough - Nov 30 2016 - Like
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