13 Insanely Fun Ways Go out on a Date
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Apr 8 2014
13 Insanely Fun Ways Go out on a Date

When you want to take someone on a date, you want to make it memorable. However, thinking of fun dating ideas can make you feel like you’re up against a brick wall. These 13 insanely fun ways to go out on date will ensure that your outing will be one that you and your date will remember for years to come.

1.Go to an Amusement Park – Spend hours with your date as you go on rides, play games, and enjoy the carnival atmosphere. 
2.Go to a Skate Park – Spend the afternoon showing off your boarding skills and sailing the ramps with your date. 
3.Go Bowling – Whether it’s 5-pin or 10-pin you and your date will have a blast as you spend an evening on the lanes. 
4.Go Roller Skating or Ice Skating – Whether you prefer a roller rink or ice, you will have the opportunity to get cozy as you glide around in your skates. 
5.Play Miniature Golf – Challenge each other to a round of mini-golf. Whether or not you keep score, you will both have fun as you tee off and try to sink the ball. 
6.Go to a Teen Dance –Get down to the beat and enjoy the heat as you rock out with your date at a teen dance. 
7.Play Paintball – Planning a sneak attack and working out a strategy are the name of the game when you’re out on a paintball date. 
8.Play Laser Tag – The excitement of trying to outsmart each other will add to the fun of the evening when you play laser tag together. 
9.Go to the Zoo – Spending the day looking at exotic animals and browsing through souvenir shops can make for the perfect date. 
10.Go to a Party – If you’re on a date and with your friends at the same time, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Go to a party together and have an insanely good time. 
11.Go Go Karting – You will both be laughing as the breeze blows through your hair while you drive around a track in a go-kart. 
12.Go to the Beach – Both of you will have a great day spending time swimming, sunbathing, and walking hand-in-hand together at the beach. 
13.Go Tobogganing – There’s nothing like soaring down a hill in the wintertime at record speeds with the wind at your back for crazy good times. 
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Comments (91)
LittleAmy  - Tenpin Bowling was a lot of fun on a date as was going to Thorpe Park :) - Apr 11 2017 - Like
JacobVClay  - I like the beach idea its a good way to get to know someone better - Sep 30 2016 - Like
happyWilles  - This could be fun if we have laser tag in our country :P - Oct 14 2014 - Like
CarlosAngelo  - Ill Take You Girl On A Amusement Park ;) - Oct 12 2014 - Like
TheMoistOne  - Take your ass to the gym and squat on my face - Oct 11 2014 - Like
SilverRain99  - Amusement park! =D - Oct 10 2014 - Like
troy98  - go to the beach - Oct 7 2014 - Like
ToxicLayla  - future bf: TAKE ME TO AN AMUSEMENT PARK OK - Oct 6 2014 - Like
shonteal98  - sorry but going down dirt roads and sitting on a talegate is my kind of fun date - Sep 30 2014 - Like
Gunzerker  - I wouldn't use paintball as a date unless she likes pain. also someone might aim below the belt. ouch! happened to me before. lol - Sep 28 2014 - Like
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