How Do I Know if My Boyfriend’s a Psychopath
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Apr 14 2014
How Do I Know if My Boyfriend’s a Psychopath

When you first started dating your boyfriend you felt like the luckiest girl in the world, but now you’re starting to feel like maybe you weren’t so lucky after all. Like a cat hypnotizing a mouse, psychopaths draw people in before they start attempting to manipulate and control them. Here are some signs that your boyfriend might be a psychopath.

He’s Very Charismatic – His outgoing personality and story telling capabilities are part of his charms. He’s a smooth talker who always knows the perfect thing to say and exactly when to say it.

A Huge Ego – He thinks he’s the best catch around and he’s not afraid to let you know how lucky you are to have him. As far as he’s concerned, no one else is smarter or richer than he is.

Too Much Too Soon –Very early on, he will start trying to convince you that you are his soulmate and tell you that he loves you. He will work hard to break down your emotional barriers with constant physical contact.

He Lies Constantly – He’s constantly telling you lie after lie. If you do catch him in a lie, he will tap dance around the issue and tell you that you must have heard him wrong the first time.

Friendship Red Flags – You will notice that he might know a lot of people, but he has no close friends. He will slowly start pulling you away from your friends so that you’re spending all of your time with him. Once he’s all you’ve got, he will have more control over you.

It’s Never His Fault – None of his previous breakups were his fault. If something happens in your relationship with him, he will immediately twist it around and make it your fault.

He’s Manipulative – He attempts to control you and make you do everything he wants to do. If you want to do something, he will call you selfish for having interests that don’t center around him.

He Insults You – He tells mean jokes about you or insults you in front of your family and friends. When you tell him how it makes you feel, he will say you’re too sensitive, or that he was only joking.

He’s Never Sorry – When he hurts you he never feels sorry and has no empathy towards you. He will tell you that you’re overreacting, and even if he says he’s sorry his words are insincere.

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Comments (157)
Master Bait  - I appreciate you guys trying to raise "awareness" or whatever, but his is fu€ked. Yall niggas need to learn to dump a mf when he starts acting weird - Aug 7 2017 - Like
DominatPanda  - I was only diagnosed with psychopathic tendencies but I agree. The only technical difference is that psychopaths lack the ability to feel empathy. Were still rational human beings and can be nice. - Apr 28 2017 - Like
Aglaesia  - People are acting like psychopaths are all really bad people who will try to manipulate and control you for their own use. False! As a [diagnosed] psychopath I will let you know that this is very stupid. Very. The media has portrayed psychopaths as evil people who would murder you and will just use you. Ugh. We're literally normal humans just like you, but our psychology is different. Get over yourselves. - Mar 12 2017 - Like
Ex Machina  - I don't think the writer of this article or the majority of the people commenting understand what a Psychopath or Sociopath is. - Mar 1 2017 - Like
Mrpanda  - Fuck* - Jan 6 2017 - Like
Mrpanda  - Oh duck you describe me - Jan 6 2017 - Like
MyMan  - True Psychopaths would never be caught doing this stuff outright. - Dec 25 2016 - Like
CaspirRom  - sounds like my ex tho - Oct 24 2016 - Like
Ishyyy  - This article made me realise how much of a Psychopath I am c: - Oct 16 2016 - Like
Aglaesia  - I completely agree with CauselmBored, we're not all trying to manipulate and use everyone, and we're not always rude and mean. Most importantly, just because you're a psychopath doesn't mean you're a sociopath. - Oct 3 2016 - Like
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