How to Avoid the Dreaded Friend Zone
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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Oct 25 2014
How to Avoid the Dreaded Friend Zone

The friend zone is a very unfriendly place to get trapped. Once you find yourself in the middle of it, it’s very difficult to get out. These tips will help you avoid getting stuck in the friend zone, so you can hold on to your pride and keep moving forward in your relationships.

Don’t Get Too Close

When you’re only discussing each other’s problems, it’s easy to get really close, but only on a friendly basis. Instead, make a point of discussing school, your common interests, and any hobbies you both might have. If you talk about dating and what you both like in a boyfriend or girlfriend, the sparks might start to fly.

Know What You’re Doing

Don’t let hanging out together become ambiguous where one of you thinks you’re going on a date, and the other one thinks you’re hanging out as friends. When you hang out together at the coffee shop or at the movies, be clear that it’s a date. If you think you’re only hanging out as friends, make that clear. That way you both know where you stand.

Give Them Some Compliments

Give your friend a compliment when they look good. A gentle touch on the arm while you’re delivering the compliment will let them know that you have more than just a friendly interest. However, when you give them compliments, try not to over-compliment.

Let Them Know How You Feel

It will take some courage on your part to open up and tell them how you feel, but it might be the only way to find out how they really feel about you. When you tell them, make sure you are alone, and that the timing is right. If they are having a bad day, you should wait for a better time.

Take Some Breathers

If you spend every free moment of your day with them, they will never have time to miss you. Sometimes, to avoid the friend zone, you have to take a step back and give it a couple of days to see if they miss you enough to notice you aren’t there, or if they were just taking you for granted.

Stop Being So Available

If you’re available every single time they have a problem, they’ll expect that you’ll always be there. Hang out with your other friends, and make other plans. When your friend realizes that you have other things to do besides dropping everything at their whim, they’ll start to recognize your worth and they’ll value you more.

Be Flirty With Them

Playfully flirting is fun and will let the other person know that you’re interested in them without you having to come right out and say it. When you’re flirting try to keep it playful, but not sleazy. That way, if they aren’t interested you can always fall back and say that you were just joking around or being friendly.

Refuse To Get Trapped In The Zone

If you find yourself in a position where the other person has made it clear that they are only interested in friendship with you, consider whether you can do that comfortably. Will you still be able to hang around with them all the time and watch them dating other people without feeling hurt?

Remember, they’ve told you that you will always be just friends. If you can do that without sacrificing your own feelings, that’s great. If you can’t, you should consider pulling back and downgrading your friendship for a while until you get over your crush.

The best time to start avoiding the friend zone is right now. Whether you’re already there, or headed in that direction, using these tips will help get you well on your way to escaping the friend zone forever.

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Comments (36)
Locke87644  - Friend zone was invented by lonely, pathetic niceguys. I bet the writer wears a fedora and refers to girls as M'lady. - Sep 12 2017 - Like
crashbox  - the friend zone doesn't exist bc people don't owe you anything lol - Aug 11 2017 - Like
Callmeh-_-  - Actually the friend zone is when you like someone who just wants to be friends it's not that you can't get a relationship it's just the person you want one with is emotionally unavailable in the way that you want to be. - Jul 7 2017 - Like
Locke87644  - the friend zone doesn't exist. if you're deserving of a relationship you'll get one. if not, you'll stay single forever. you're not entitled to a relationship. - Feb 3 2017 - Like
jsutter  - this is terrible advice whoever wrote this clearly knows nothing about kids - Jan 30 2017 - Like
PasionAzteca  - I should start now. Thnks for this one it helps me. :) - Jan 20 2017 - Like
mcrnerd  - the friend zone doesn't exsist. If u think you're in the friend zone you're more likely in the "Ugh not this guy again" zone - Jan 4 2017 - Like
/classified/  - Show her your memes!!! - Oct 25 2016 - Like
/classified/  - Show her your memes!!! - Oct 25 2016 - Like
Ishyyy  - Fuck friendzone, I'm gonna brozone dudes lmao. - Oct 16 2016 - Like
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