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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Oct 29 2014
11 Things You Should Do While You're Still a Teenager

Everybody always plans what they want to do when they grow up and finish high school. Your mind is probably filled with thoughts of university and what you want to do with the rest of your life. But, while you’re thinking about all of those things, there are a few things you should do while you’re still a teenager.

1. Attend a Field Party – You won’t have any time for that while you’re studying for your college exams, working full-time, or raising a family. Now is the time to enjoy yourself and party from dusk until dawn.

2. Go Backpacking Through Europe – After you finish high school, if you take a gap year, go backpacking through Europe or anywhere you’ve never been. You may never get another chance to just take off and explore the world.

3. Learn to Cook – Once you’re living on your own, living on Mr. Noodles and Kraft Dinner is no fun. Take the time to learn to cook while you’re still at home, so you won’t have to learn on your own later.

4. Crash a Party – There’s something exciting about going to a party that you weren’t invited to. Be sure to take at least one or two other people with you, especially if you won’t know anybody else besides the people you arrived with. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a few new friends along the way.

5. Make a Bucket List – Make a list of all of the things you want to do while you’re still a teenager, and cross them off one by one, as you do them. Just make sure they’re attainable. While climbing to the top of Mount Everest probably isn’t possible, you probably have many ideas that are like hang gliding, surfing, or skiing.

6. Make a New Friend – If you’ve been running in the same circles for a long time, try to befriend someone totally different from the people you usually hang around. It will give you good practice for getting along with people with diversified personalities when you go out into the workforce. You just never know, you might get a new bestie out of the deal.

7. Get Your First Job – Juggling high school and working is a difficult balance, but a lot of kids do it with ease. It will give you a chance to learn responsibility, respect for authority, and special skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to make money and meet some new friends.

8. Start Saving Your Cash – If you can start saving your money now, you’ll be one step ahead of most of your friends. Whether you’re saving for college or for the future, tucking five to 10 percent of every paycheck away will add up fast.

9. Attend Your Prom – Obviously, you can’t do this while you’re not a teenager. But, so many teenagers don’t go to prom, and regret it in later years. Go to that prom, have a great time, and make some memories.

10. Dance Like You Don’t Care – When you’re at a dance, dance because you’re having fun. Don’t worry about what you’re doing, and don’t worry about looking all crazy. Just get on
the floor and rock it out. There will be enough time to worry about appearances when you
get older.

11. Do Something New Every Month – While you’re still young and adventurous and have the time, you should try to do something you’ve never done before every month. Have your friends help you come up with a new first like skydiving, taking a salsa class, or even going skinny dipping in the rain. Being a teenager is an exciting time, and you should live those years to their fullest.

Taking the time to try to do one, or all, of the things on this list while you’re still a teenager will give you a more rounded perspective as an adult. Not only that, but some of them will give you great memories that you carry with you throughout your adult life.

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Comments (22)
crashbox  - i have like $2 - Apr 29 2017 - Like
ThomasIan  - "Things you should do while you're still a teenager". Take 200mg of DXM and smoke a bowl of weed. - Apr 20 2017 - Like
Aidenbeach  - Try something new well I got weed right there - Mar 5 2017 - Like
TheZombaslay  - Prom's such a rip off just to listen to awful music! I wish they'd abolish it. It's just revenue generation - Feb 15 2017 - Like
jsutter  - proms too damn expensive - Feb 6 2017 - Like
junior snack  - Do drugs - Jan 15 2017 - Like
voodoo-doll  - wtf?? - Dec 19 2016 - Like
SpacePioneer  - Half of this is only stuff rich people or teens with parents willing to eat rice or bread alone for the rest of their life could do, and then there's the skinny dipping in the rain thing..... - Dec 13 2016 - Like
Melancholy.  - Would of thought suicide would be on this list... - Dec 3 2016 - Like
Ishyyy  - Tmw you don't have a prom in your country lmao what you gonna do then? - Oct 16 2016 - Like
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