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By Cory Dunnan/Posted: Dec 8 2014
10 Totally Awesome Things that Sheldon Cooper Can Teach Every Teenager About Life

You might watch The Big Bang Theory for laughs and giggles and a break from your studies. But, did you know that every time you watch, Sheldon Cooper, one of the show's main characters, is actually teaching you valuable lessons about life?

You Have to Leave the Station to Find Your Destination

It’s not about finding yourself because you’re always there. It’s about finding your way in life. In the episode where Sheldon goes away to find himself, he never leaves the station after he reaches his destination. If you don’t step out on the path, you’ll never know if you’ve reached your destination and you’ll never find your way.

Even Adults Collect Things

Sheldon’s model train collection is his pride and joy, and he loves adding on to it. His friends look at it as childish. However, many adults collect things like makeup, cars, trains, books, dishes, and antiques, among other things. The joy of acquiring more of the things they love is a lifelong tradition for a lot of people.

Regardless of Your IQ, You Still Need Common Sense

Sometimes people are so smart that they have no common sense. No matter how smart you are, there are some skills you can’t learn without experiencing life. There are many episodes where the things other characters say go right over Sheldon’s head because he is lacking in important communication skills, the kind that IQ tests can’t measure.

Never Be Jealous of Anyone

Sheldon might have a great IQ, but he’s definitely not a ladies man. The person with the highest IQ isn’t necessarily the person who is most likely to succeed, and the person who is the most charismatic and charming isn’t always the most likely to win people over. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, be happy with who you are. Remember, everyone has their shortfalls and no one is ever perfect.

A True Friend is Always There

No matter what the circumstances, a true friend will always be there to help you out. Before his relationship with Amy started, he helped her with something he didn’t think was a good idea. Although he respected the fact that it was her decision to make, he told her his opinion. In the end, she realized he was right, and changed her mind.

No One is That Special

In this life, you aren’t any better than anybody else, but nobody else is any better than you are either. Sheldon seems to value people according to their IQ and talks down to everyone around him because he thinks he’s superior. Sheldon doesn’t understand how little that number means until Howard proves that he knows more about a subject than he does.

It’s Not Always About Rules

Sheldon tries to run the apartment by the "Roommate Agreement," but his roommate Leonard constantly turns the tables, showing him that the rules also apply to the rule maker. Every time Sheldon brings up the roommate agreement, all hell breaks loose and Sheldon learns another lesson about what it’s like to live by his own rules.

Sometimes Life Will Disappoint You

In a Christmas episode Sheldon explained that he hated Christmas and Santa because when he was younger, he asked Santa for his dead grandmother for Christmas, and Santa didn’t bring her. Life will present you with disappointments, and there are some miracles that won’t come true because they can’t. Be grateful for the ones that do.

Appreciate Everything and Expect Nothing

Sheldon often expects his friends to take him everywhere and thinks they should consider it a privilege to do so. Sometimes we expect too much from our friends, and they stop helping us as much as a result. A little bit of gratitude and appreciation goes a long way.

Friendship comes in all forms

Sheldon’s friends are a diverse group of people with differing opinions. They may not always agree with Sheldon, but at the end of the day the friendship always prevails and they’re always there for each other. Everyone should have friends that have their backs the way Sheldon’s have his.

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