Secrets Your Parents Don't Want You to Know
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By Anna O'Connell/Posted: Dec 17 2014
Secrets Your Parents Don't Want You to Know

Our parents carry us through from childhood to adulthood tending to our every need. But, have you ever wondered what secrets they might be harboring behind their all-knowing eyes?

They’re Always Just Winging It –No child comes with a rule book or a list of instructions, and every child is different. Whether you’re the first born or the baby, your parents are still winging it and trying to get it right.

Take the time to tell them they’re doing a great job from time to time, or better yet, show them by being a respectable young person in today’s world.

They Don’t Just Want Your Help, They Need It –They know you think they’re super capable of bringing home the bacon and taking care of everything else. But, with the housework and everything, it’s hard. When they give you chores to do around the house, they aren’t trying to make your life difficult.

They’re trying to make their life easier, so they can have more time to relax and spend with you. Having a few chores also teaches you about responsibility and accountability.

When You Hurt, They Hurt – Although they might try to stay out of it when you’re in an argument with your friends, your parents remember every single thing that every friend of yours has ever done to you. It’s like they have a little notebook in their head where they keep track of how many times you’ve been wronged and by whom.

They Really Don’t Like Punishing You –As a first resort parents always try to make excuses for their children or rationalize a situation in their own head. When they realize that won’t work and that they have to punish you for something you’ve done wrong, they really don’t like it. I know we think our parents secretly enjoy grounding us, but the truth is, they don’t.

They Were Young Once, Too –Believe it or not, your out of touch parents were once hip and happening teenagers just like you. They probably got into their fair share of trouble, and did a few things that they shouldn’t have and later regretted.

If you read between the lines when they’re giving you a lecture, you can often tell that they’re trying to help you learn from their own mistakes without saying so.

They Don’t Always Tell You Everything –Sometimes they go through things that you don’t know about. If your mom or dad seems a little bit grumpier than usual, consider that they might be struggling with a personal situation. Don’t push them or pry to find out what’s going on. Just let them work through it on their own.

It Makes Them Feel Good When You Defend Them –If someone says something about your mom, and you defend her, it makes her feel like a million dollars, even if you ruin your best jeans hopping a fence to do it. You don’t even have to get down and dirty, just standing up for your parents lets them know that you appreciate them and think they’re doing a great job.

It Hurts Them When You Disrespect Them –A few hateful words said in anger might be easily forgotten in a moment by you, but they will linger in your parents’ minds and hearts forever.

Sometimes when they’re all alone worrying because you’re out late, those words will come back to haunt them. Keep that in mind the next time your temper flares and your mouth starts to work faster than your brain.

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Comments (23)
Powerchic  - Were really my age they act weird - Feb 19 2021 - Like
Powerchic  - I don't know if my parent s - Feb 19 2021 - Like
ladyinblack  - I hate my parents - Aug 26 2017 - Like
Otakugurl  - Lol my mom was really my age, huh - Aug 6 2017 - Like
texastornado  - hah, once secret his parents didnt want him to know is that he was made in a portapotty - Dec 13 2016 - Like
stan4ever  - i dont belive that my dad was my age once - Dec 6 2016 - Like
auntjemima98  - wow really? saying how parents NEED U to bring home bacon and do chores thats basically telling people parents are slave drivers. its not that its they are teaching responsibilities what will u do if u had to juggle a job and chores. would u leave ur home a mess or live on the streets? wow just wow my mom and dad tell me everything - Jan 16 2015 - Like
SilentChaos  - I knew all of this. But then again, I'm very close to my parents. They're the only family I trust/like and really have. I do online school so I'm home all the time. I also have no friends in real life. So really, they are all I have, besides my cats and rats. We listen to the same music (System of the Down, Godsmack, Disturbed). We like the same movies and tv shows. The only problems I have with my parents, is that my dad doesn't know how to control his anger and takes it out on my mother and I. And that my mom is blind (Not literally, she can see just fine). Other then all that, I love my parents, and I'm not embarrassed by that. - Dec 24 2014 - Like
Me & Him :)  - this blog is so obvious :/ everyone knows this ! - Dec 23 2014 - Like
socalkushgrl  - They think they know everything and everyone should believe what they believe. - Dec 21 2014 - Like
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