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jasenjs1, Bronx, 20 - total posts: 99
So I've been here for 2 days trying to get my song to stay on Mylol but when I select it it uploads on its own but doesn't continue on it's own I have to select upload 8 seconds after it's done, then it works, but when you refresh the page, it just disappears so it's just there for me until I reload so it doesn't appear to others at all. It's actually not an official song, It's a beat/riddim I made myself so it has my own tags on it. just wondering why I can't use my own music on my page. If there's no response, Ill try faking some album data and see if it works that way.
I don't have it on youtube and don't have it as a video so the only way is by MP3. - Apr 28 2014
POLL : Anyone notice many Glitches/problems with mylol? ?
jasenjs1, Bronx, 20 - total posts: 99
nah i have the highest internet speed in my area which is tbps so it cant be on my end
and i dont like to post to youtube since it goes public and if i pick private it wont go on the site - Apr 28 2014
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