DamienGediri, Lincoln, 16 - total posts: 6
Ok, so, I get sent a friend request, right, but for whatever reason, when I go to check, nothing shows up, furthermore, when I go to search for the profile, nothing there either, what in holy high hell is going on? - Feb 22 2019
OrionC, Portland, 16 - total posts: 6
Hey! Sorry to hear that happened: ususaly it means that 1- it didn't send or 2-The user no longer exists

MyLOL is a broken pile of trash, but because some kid lit the trash on fire, its cool now so everyones here. Its also the only burning trash around, so yah, glitches like that u better get used to. Add me if ya want someone to chat with lol

Good luck with re-adding them as a friend! - Feb 22 2019
Alexei_W., Montreal, 17 - total posts: 8
Could be a bot - Feb 24 2019
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