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I just want to make note of something very important.. DO RESEARCH ON HOW TO CARE FOR A PET BEFORE GETTING THEM!

We live in a world of technology, with google and endless information being right at your finger tips. It isn't rocket science to do research on how to take care of a pet in advance of getting them. Nor should it be difficult for you to come to the conclusion that if the cage smells, it more than likely needs cleaned.

Last year I got a mouse from someone that was giving her away for free on an ad. I didn't want her to end up as snake food, and I had previous experience with mice. Within a couple of months she was depressed and destructive, and I had made plans to go to the store and find her two friends (Mice are social creatures and female mice should never be alone!). One thing led to another, and I ended up without transportation among being without many other things.

I listened to my heart, and found her a wonderful (So I thought) home with someone who had two other mice. They were introduced and I was sent pictures of them getting along. Things seemed great. Now, five months later, I come across an ad for free mice and cage. Something instantly caught my eye- a blue castle that I had for my mouse. It was originally a tool to build sand castles for children that I had cut a hole into. Quickly skimming through the pictures, I see my mouse!

I schedule to meet with the people the next day, and I have since gotten my mouse, her friends, and everything else back..

However, these people also got them off another ad online from someone else, the person that I had trusted to provide her a good forever home with everything I (at the time) couldn't afford to provide. Upon meeting with them, I am told that they didn't realize mice smell so bad, and that is why they where getting rid of them.. The decor in the cage was mostly things I had. Houses and wood pieces that have been sitting in there for over 5 months, soaking up the urine. The cage didn't look to have been cleaned in at least a month..

Again, I say, PLEASE do your research before bringing a pet home. I understand in some situations there are unforeseen circumstances and you can only do your best, but in the situation of cleaning the cage- When all you need is some hot water and a bag of bedding that usually costs 2$ (Or even shredding up a newspaper, which is free!), there is absolutely no excuse. - Mar 24 2019
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