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Slowmover35, Charlottesville, 16 - total posts: 4
I've been trying so hard to be my best and to show off my style but it feels like I'm getting nowhere. I'm starting to think there isn't a point to being me and that I should just be as agreeable as I can. It's so frustrating, any thoughts? - Mar 24 2019
Your Fellow, Rock Hill, 17 - total posts: 1
Well, for one, being yourself is something that everyone should do. Don't be afraid to do that even if it gets you nowhere! Changing yourself is making you create a shell which in the end might put you in a situation in which you do not want to be in since you don't feel like it could be right. Besides putting on a mask, at some point you will show for how you truly are in which might in turn ruin the relationship. In the end, just be who you are and just love yourself. Don't let people determine it for you. - Mar 24 2019
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