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Otto Frank, Gorham, 17 - total posts: 14
My ex is on here going by the name of "Skee". She broke up with me out of the blue and i'm just looking for an explanation. I tried to ask her myself but she had already blocked me. I would appreciate it if i could get help from as many people as i can to just tell her "Adam deserves an explanation". I'm not trying to be a creep or a pissed off ex, i just want closure on what I felt was my greatest relationship. I can't offer any of you anything but any help would be greatly appreciated. - Mar 28 2019
KittyKittenC, Salt Lake City, 18 - total posts: 66
Closure is always good, but sometimes it's best not to obsess over it and just let it go. Maybe in time you will run into each other and you will find out then.. I've been ghosted twice by people I dated for a year+. I wasted my time trying to find a way to reach them to know why. It brought so much pain. Try to let it go, and just focus on other things. - Mar 28 2019
YONKO, Greenock, 19 - total posts: 35
I was ghosted from my last Girlfriend.

She isn't worth your time if she's gonna do that, It's cruel, and selfish. Just doing it for her own benefit.. Focus on your life and soon it'll be barely noticeable. Closure is nice and all, but if we hunt for closure for ever, then it'll consume us into a fit of depression. it isn't worth it.

However, seem a few people do make fake accounts, and act like somebody else, trying to pry the truth out of the person. If that doesn't work though, it usually goes down into depression.

Probably not the response you wanted, but mate, I won't lie to ya. - Mar 29 2019
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