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VioletG, Phoenix, 15 - total posts: 6
Roses are red
Violets are blue
See if you can talk like a poet
As you can see I do - May 15 2019
9871ZzX, Dallas, 18 - total posts: 80
Well I hope you can see,
For me this is a breeze,
My words are still quite free,
Just as the words such as these. - May 15 2019
hazzi2, Manchester, 16 - total posts: 12
good poems do not rhyme
Yet it will do just fine
good poems are written in iambic
pentameter,tetrameter,and are sonnets
and should be spoken in phonics

good poems have deep meanings
yet it doesn't have to show feelings
good poets dont use
which means i'm not even a good poet
and you all now know it.//

Best thing i could come up with up with cuz coincidentally i had my poetry analysis gcse exam today lol - May 15 2019
Dark_Poet, Tahlequah, 19 - total posts: 28
Poetry isn't that easy to use to speak in, in fact very rarely do the words rhyme. Free verse tends to be easier to use theses days, and yet people still get confused by the simplicity. Don't expect a lot of responses since it takes up a lot of time, instead sit back and delve deep into tranquility. - May 15 2019
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