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Noah Vennes, Solon Springs, 17 - total posts: 2
1. What do you call a cactus that's sharp? A prick
2. My jokes are so cheap that people hear them for free.
3. A third joke, well I made two one more and I'm out (baseball pun) XD
4. When someone makes fun of a red headed boy he get's hot headed because his hair is flamin hot lol.
5. My cheap jokes were inspired by my dad. Therefore, they are dad jokes.
6. If a person like you have a sweet personality I would compare them to a candy bar because they are both sweet.
7. When someone hits on you, they sure are giving a physical contact! lol
8. These jokes are so simple and cheap they didn't cause a cent.

My response: Aren't these jokes great?
someone's response: No...I mean sure but I don't think you should send these jokes to the public. These dad jokes are personal with you and your father! - Jun 8 2019
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