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Ashley Jay, London, 16 - total posts: 3
Hi I'm transgender ⚧ , I want to say to people please message me if you like me for me, not for my body. Respect trans people as well as others. - Jun 11 2019
pukilol, Albany, 16 - total posts: 1
Hi Im a f to m names Oliver
- Jun 11 2019
KittyKittenC, Salt Lake City, 18 - total posts: 66
I'd like to add on to this, if you don't mind..

BEING TRANSGENDER DOESN'T DEFINE WHO WE ARE. We are still people, just like everyone else. We all have our own personalities and interests and so on. Literally, all being transgender means we are uncomfortable in our physical body because it doesn't match how we feel in our mind, our heart, and our soul.

We ARE NOT a fetish.
We ARE NOT an experiment.
We ARE NOT crazy.
We ARE NOT attention seekers.
We ARE NOT pushing some agenda.

ALL we ask for is respect, consideration, and to be treated like any other NORMAL HUMAN BEING. - Jun 12 2019
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