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Breezin1, Corner Brook, 18 - total posts: 2
Tell me what your favourite movie or TV show is and why you enjoy it so much. Btw my favourite is a tie between “The Haunting of Hill House” and “A Game of Thrones”! - Aug 1 2019
Benjaust, London, 15 - total posts: 3
Hard to say but if I had to make a decision it would be between: the battle of Britain, Waterloo Dunkirk or D-Day. I choose the first three because of the cinematography the camerawork and tricks used are both fascinating and beautiful also having studied late British history as a hobby I find the topics fascinating there are poor storylines from in all of them but it more than makes up for it. - Aug 1 2019
Ahole69420, Roseville, 14 - total posts: 10
Definitely Dazed and Confused because it gives that vibe of fk everything and let’s all have some fun and gives the sense of no responsibilities and to just have fun with your life - Aug 1 2019
rorschach02 , Sydney, 17 - total posts: 13
Favorite movie? Too many choices for me (Taxi Driver, Wind River, American Beauty, The Dark Knight and Pulp Fiction all come to mind).

Favourite show... again, there's a bunch.
But all time favourites are probably MASH, Daredevil on Netflix and season 1 of House of Cards. The Boys and Sacred Games are up there too. - Aug 22 2019
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