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SpanishSon23, Libby, 13 - total posts: 1
The Guitar Lives
The Guitar Lies
Watching a bird as a note comes to fly
Deeply and Softly
Humming Tunes
As A Sunrise low in the Dunes
Watch As I Play
Strum-a-Strum-a Chord
Like a beach, as it washes a shore
Close or Near
High and Far
Where i go, i never leave without, My Little Guitar.

- Sep 15 2019
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Thats pretty good
Thats an ok poem
You could work little on this
Suck a donkey
Suck twice the donkey you artard
rockfan05, Sofia, 15 - total posts: 22
you need some trains in the songwriting - Sep 16 2019
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