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Derpy_Dame, Savannah, 20 - total posts: 2
Soo... I spend a bit of time trolling on Omegle. Thought I would share some of my ignorant conversations on here

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Girls.

Stranger: Hi

You: Hi

You: I'm 2

Stranger: Noice

You: Yep

You: Baby genius over here

Stranger: Pre good grammar and spelling for a 2 year old

Stranger: Can I make you famous then rob you?

You: Go for it

Stranger: Woorrrd

You: Just leave me 10%

Stranger: Aight that I can do

Stranger: 😂😂

You: And animal crackers

Stranger: Hey man

Stranger: That was not part of the deal

You: Well it's the deal now

You: I need my crackers

Stranger: Fine but I get the lions

You: Fine

You: Don't breed them though

Stranger: 😂😂😂

You: Let them die peacefully

Stranger: 😂but wouldnít ***ing be the best way to die?

You: They'll be fine

Stranger: 😂😂😂

You: They live off a supply of dog biscuits

Stranger: M or f?

Stranger: Iím m 18 from Canada

You: I'm a baby girl

Stranger: Oh okay so Iíll force you to be a stripper and a hooker when your older and make more $$ to😂

You: Who said I'm getting older?

You: I found the fountain of youth

You: I'll be a baby forever

Stranger: Where it be hor

Stranger: Hoe**

You: That's classified

Stranger: Iím your pimp tell me hoe

You: It's through the portal in Donald Trump's toilet

You: You gotta be small enough to fit

Stranger: Word Iím chilling with that nigga rn

Stranger: Iíll use his tanning oil and slip through

You: Tell him he owes me for those latinos I gave him

You: That was an expensive operation

Stranger: 😂😂😂😂

Stranger: So all jokes aside howís you doing

You: I'm swelltacular

Stranger: Noice

You: Yes. It is the very noice

You: How about yourself?

Stranger: Iím chillin

You: Cause it's cold in Canada right?

Stranger: 😂😂😂hey donít even joke nigga we got snow last month

You: Sounds nice. It's 90 frikin degrees right now

You: Some nice fall weather we're having

Stranger: *** you😂😂

Stranger: 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻Suck it I canít even go outside with my sweater on

You: Rather be cold than hot

Stranger: No snow rn but itís still cold as ***

You: You can always put layers on, but can only take off so much

Stranger: Iíd rather right in the middle

You: Middle is perfect

Stranger: And I do thatís the thing

You: Perfection doesnt exist

Stranger: Wys your talking to me

Stranger: 😂

You: Well then..

Stranger: And Iím talking to a 2 year old that know engrish perfectly

Stranger: Tell me that isnít perfect😂😂

You: I didn't know you were Mr. Perfect

You: I need to dissect you

You: Get a look at your insides

You: Create clones

You: Perfection everywhere

Stranger: 😂😂

You: Tell me that world doesnt sound nice

You: Just you, everywhere

Stranger: 😂😂*** nooo I need some ***es around

Stranger: Not a gaint me sausage part

You: I can make female you, no problem

You: Not gotta reverse engineer

Stranger: 😂😂😂Iíd be scared

You: Nothing scary about it

Stranger: Riggggght

You: Unless you're a scary individual

Stranger: Depends on the mood and how much weed I have😂

Stranger: With only mes Iíd be ***ed

You: I got hella weed my doggie

Stranger: We would smoke all the Ganga

You: I'll keep you high as a rocket ship

You: While cloning you

Stranger: 😂😂 it what about the rest of them my blood is 70% thc the other 30% is ciroc henny and patron

Stranger: Youíll be creating hell on earth

You: But it will be the perfect hell

You: A paradise in the flames

Stranger: 😂😂😂😂😂

You: Demons with no flaws

You: I see no fault with that concept

Stranger: Nope

You: When can I begin operations?

Stranger: As soon as possible

Stranger has disconnected.

- Oct 3 2019
Itsdeejfc, McDonough, 20 - total posts: 10
this is why i love omegle, i do the same one the kik thing. love trolling - Oct 3 2019
Klausbert2, Gilead, 19 - total posts: 19
I mean i don't think that's considered Trolling. He was going along with it after all - Oct 4 2019
Nikki_Wa, Lakewood, 16 - total posts: 1
Why was that actually hella entertaining.
- Oct 8 2019
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