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Alice Jensen, Roskilde, 17 - total posts: 9
Tell me all the things in your life that make you mad and/or angry. Just get it out. - Oct 16 2019
bubbachubba, Johannesburg, 17 - total posts: 2
My ex boyfriend of two years went to college, joined a frat house and ever since heíd been changing for the worst. Finally we broke up because he didnít want to cheat on me and he wanted to live life. Iím mad because he says I was perfect for him in every way... yet ***ing other girls seems more worth it to him. Iím mad because a part of me thinks the whole relationship was just so he had someone to keep him company. He texted me a few days ago ďto make sure I was okayĒ and he said that ďhe regretsĒ nothing and is so much happier. Like Iím all for someone being happy and everything thatís not the part that bothers me. The part that bothers me is how everytime he tried to let go of me he would instantly get back with me and say he will never leave me and then the next day heís back to ďI want to live my life and not worry about youĒ. I feel belittled and frankly stupid. I really always have been my best to him, completely understanding and caring throughout the relationship and I get dumped in return. What makes me angry is his complete disregard for how his words hurt me. it hurts me that he didnít even ďregretĒ the way he treated me. He knew Iíd always be there for him and he took advantage of that now Iím unhappy. Iím mad at myself for allowing this to happen, And Iím mad at myself for being angry and for even giving him another thought even though heís probably balls deep in some chick rn. Im mad that Iím mad at his decision, itís his decision he can do whatever he wants. Iím mad that I believed that I was his best friend and that we could ever make it in life together. Iím mad that I met and fell in love with him. Im livid and I just want it to go away. - Nov 8 2019
Baron_1445, Kenai, 16 - total posts: 14
It's been two months since I've seen my ex, I broke up with her without her here and ik sure she knows by now I just feel so upset. The past two months have been a mess, wondering what'll happen to me, will I ever be able to find another girlfriend, could I even date again? Her and I have been together for over two years and it's been rough.

I miss her so much but I know o can't go back to that lying disloyal little- she hurt me, I hurt her, we are both hurt and it angers me that I wasn't strong enough for her. If I had been a better boyfriend maybe she wouldn't have cheated, maybe she would go date a witch, maybe she'd have grown better than right now because she wanted to stay away from everything that had me in it.

The guilt and anger of that happening to you and all the promises you made just fade. I had a Ex that looked just like her, she was abusive and treated me like *** while carrying my baby in her. The with killed the baby and left without looking back. When I see my ex or anyone that looks like her I freak out, more PTSD flashes.

What angers me the most was she showed more elope and loyalty to her friends who talked down upon the relationship and hated me which is not fair for me or the relationship for her to hold them in such high regard and even consider advice from them, she kept getting more and they all said the same thing to her. It pisses me off how disloyal she was, why she cheated over twenty times in two years, and the fact if you'd give her a cookie she'd dance named for you like a s**t. - Nov 8 2019
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