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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donít text me for mental help as I believe it is your job to help yourself and if you canít then find someone that isnít me that is a trained professional or call a hotline thatís what theyíre for! I just blocked a ďfriendĒ for this , yes I know youíll say friends should be there for friends but I am trying to better myself and distance myself from negative people. Yes Iíve been there before and Iím not gonna let someone bring me down anymore Iíve done it twice and Iím not doing it again!

If youíre suicidal-self destructive, or something like it please distance yourself from me. I canít and will not help you. Because I donít deal with it well and Iím not a trained professional!

If you read this and you know who you are ďfriendĒ -I hope you get the help you need. - Dec 1 2019
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