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hey guys look if u think im ugly plz just tell me life is hard enough. i get picked on everyday of my life by my family and friends and i really try so hard to be nice but i cant anymore. i tried to keep a relationship but females just want to use me or leave me and i dont why and no its not the ***ing picture its something else that i dont know about.i lost my homeboy on october the 9th he was killed in an shooting and till this day its hurts my soul. but when i tell people they think im a *** because i pout aqbout things but this is the *** i have to deal with no u. back when i was little i was physcally abused and thats when the depression started. but if u dont care i understand. ill just ***ing end this life i have cause its not worth it. love u guys and yeah. - Jan 3 2020
POLL : do you even give a shit ?
yah thats fucked up
nah fuck u and your dumb ass past
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