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jess_clarke, Manchester, 16 - total posts: 2
I always thought 'he' was the one.
I always thought 'he' cared.
Seems to be that 'he' just wanted attention
and to hear "I love you"
'He' hurt me
'He' caused a lot of pain
He caused fights between my family
And now we're all split up
'He' got my "best friend" pregnant
now she wants my help
Yet she stabbed me in the back
and broke my heart once more
Trust, I had only just coming back,
self-confidence, self-esteem was just about getting somewhere,
where is it now?
I'm so lost in the past, and worry bout the future.
My anxiety is doing nothing for me. but making my life worse, my depression is not helping me, but too making things worse.
My anti-depressants barely work,
I'm fighting this battle alone,
though I'm already losing. - Jan 18 2020
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