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Hi it's me again and I don't say my adveices100%work but atleast they are better than those 100% working ones on YouTube who instantly gets you a hot girl/boyfriend okay let's crack on with it 1.common interests : common interests is very important for a successful relationship just like friend ship love happen s because hearts understand each other and no I don't mean things like you both like to breath or something you need to change you profile and say a show music band a YouTube channel so anyone who come knows that you can get along or no ..........2it doesn't always click: know I may sound like an *** when saying this but you have to wait like I know you really want to have somebody but when you just jump into it and became boy/girlfriend of some random guy/girl you just meet yup it rarely clicks folks.......3be smart about it: we all there is lots of person ality in this world and faces alike what you need to do is they say only person ality matters but that is as wrong as only looks matter call me cold hearted but until true love is around ( and no I am not talking about crushes)looks matter bcuz only in love you don't care about looks but in just liking each other you constantly remind your self that she/he is a little bit ummmm not hot so yeah until you feel you would literally die for thier love it is just a normal dating and then looks matter find someone with normal beautiful ness(don't be greedy who knows they may be the best choice)and it doesn't matter that you are not very attracted love will eventually come in believe me ....... Now thank you for reading this hope it felt and if you liked or hated it tell me - Mar 25 2020
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