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dkallday4L, West Chicago, 17 - total posts: 1
U said i ain't got no guidance
Imma keep on fighting
Everywhere i see all these babies crying
I try to *** with u but u just keep on lyin
The only thing i can do it keep tryinI'm a leo but you know how we go
U know everything about us but u didnt know im lethal
Say the word and we go
But u just *** with all these diferent types of peopleDont care what u say about it
Only thing i can do is doubt it
I've been traveling so long to get from it
But to turn out u just a crazy ***

She always saying she love me
But then she be acting funny
I'm pretty sure she just want my money

She said she will never leave my side
But ik that she was gonna lie
So i didn't cry but its my time
That i get a new girl o yea its time - Jul 19 2020
POLL : was the rap good ?
it was alright
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