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My thread probably would go down within others' threads, as well, to the point I may or may not find this in the near future - thus, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. (Plus, I'm lazy.)

Currently, I'm deep enough into the movie (1 hour and 30 mins in now), so I'm kinda in denial about how close I am nearing to its ending.

So far, V is such a complex character. I thought he's just an eccentric and flamboyant character with a dark past, which is probably correct, depends on how you see him. V is so fascinating to the point I'm always on edge every time I hear every of his word and I watch every of his action. Poetic, charismatic and deeply intuitive while being a mastermind behind the curtains. Definitely one of my fave anti-hero character. He is so freaking cool, despite the bad deeds he had done & inflicted to others.

Also, the dialogue or screenwriting is so darn good?! Like, not only they were meticulously written in such a smooth, flowery manner, but also resonating in their own truth - we can applied these ideas and concepts in our society, and there won't be any difference to it.

Personally, I can relate with the heroine (Evey, I think). She's not that smart, albeit she has the perfect intellectual capibility under intense pressures. I can see myself in her fear and coping mechanism. I feel called out lmao, in a negative way. But hey, gotta love that character development.

Furthermore, that overwhelmingly amount of books and artificats (or something) resonated within me. Bruh, V's home is such an ideal way of life to me. I would love to have a home such as that, with the roof and all. Damn it.

Edit: I finished watching the movie. It's really freaking good. Hory shet, I couldn't even reasoned why this film is just so freaking good. For those who haven't watch it yet, please treat yourself a lovely time by taking the opportunity to see this masterpiece. I'm in love with V, and he's a God among men. Also, note to self: I should start reading the comic. - Modified on:  Aug 1 2020
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